How to approach a serious SEO in Chats or emails?

SEO clients

  • Have a real point to why you chat or email?
  • Don’t think we are all doing nothing because you are maybe
  • SEO is not something because some dumbass or scammer told you can rank for any keyword in the world such as Car for free mean this true so then offer SEO $10 to rank for this then expect the business person to say yes try and use common sense this is real profession not some game or easy thing to do .
  • You got no success of some other SEO or agency but paid like $50 to rank for serious SEO keyword see a big problem here or reason why this happened? Most SEO sites to rank even on the low end cost at least $500 a month to rank them but much more likely a cost of at least $2000 a month if this sounds a lot of money for you then SEO probably not going to work for you this is in real terms time investment costs compared to other businesses types such as Retail where you need to pay rent or buy a shop unit.
  • You bought a SEO course for say $100 you now learnt that SEO really easy you can buy like $100 worth of pbns then rank for anything in Google this does not apply to many sites in the world so thinking like this will not mean anyone else can do this or you can become Billionaire for like that sort of money. SEO is real business where you need real investment to make money it’s not something free for doing as many people claim it is.
  • Some guy told me SEO super easy that must be true right? No SEO has thousands of different areas which affect it even Bing science behind it can be complex to DuckDuckgo or any of the other ones this is not something you just read 10 articles then become pro at it takes years of practice .
  • If you are not willing to pay for a SEO time then it’s pretty pointless to speak them the only way around this if you can offer to work for them for free some time to cover the training or the other expenses the SEO or SEO agency has.
  • If you can’t pay real money or any money best to not pretend you will no one as time for losers or cheapskates who’s a real SEO and if you annoy the wrong one you will never rank for anything again since they will just setup there own site and take all you customers or approach your competition and work for them instead of you .