Problems with Findthatlead

Findthatlead image

Let me be fair before I get into the negative parts of it

In the past I bought of Appsump expecting a program which could work it was pretty good to start with overall works well for most emails it checked and I could send emails through it as well and also well they had about 1 year introduced a service when you photographic someone business card then it gives you there emails so everything looks cool or sweet here. The founder added me to Facebook as well for some unknown reason as well.

I do a lot of email marketing so a tool like this is important for me finding the right emails.

The Chrome Extension used to work perfectly but after there last update 1 month ago it never worked.

To me being coward when you shutdown someone account then refuse to explain why you do it as there staff member called Christian I have being trying for over 1 week to get a sense or my account back with them kept refusing to help.

The software last year used to give much higher success rate of emails around 70% correct now when I was using it when my account was working at most 20% emails correct.

I tried all my emails I had access to all did not work then he claimed my email did not work one of the ones I used then he refused to allow me to use it to me showing his true colours of him being coward and fraudster.

I am now going to register them now for Fraud to let their government deal with them or not and I have company founder full address and his photo and address so I can easy present that to there government .

Tips for businesses improvement to you Findthatlead

Be able to answer questions

Don’t make up excuses

Admit it was your fault or faults

Don’t act like a coward.

I don’t think the program any good anymore since it used to work a lot better for email success. After there last update the extension would not work I spent a few weeks trying to get them to fix me logging in it just bored me how bad the service has gotten from a customer service or the quality of it so I would only recommend you buy this LTD as second or Third email marketing tool.