the world’s worst domain register? reviews

I just tried this domain provider since never heard of them. I reached through to useless person a man I think after I found out they performed a redirection which I never done or told them to do when I quested this man about it he took no responsibility for his actions and seemed to think it was super cool what they did . It has taking over 24 hours still they are refusing to let me use my domain on WordPress.

I have used all the other domain providers in the world it taking more than 6 hours on new domain or one which has being disabled before this ones takes over 30 years hours still can’t be allowed to work so going to report them probably to the American version of Trading standards this week.
Next woman had no idea what complaint was so asked me to explain it to her group of fully useless people.

Read there review on Trustpilot says a lot about what to expect from themselves

301 of redirection for the website I bought from them and no way for me able to work here I have contacted them over 3 times with them keep refusing to let me work which is goal here to make this site profitable or at least get it online.

One part which does make me laugh instead of helping like normal business they then send me stupid email saying there security meant to better sure looks like it’s true when I can’t use the domain and I doubt I ever will be for why I will report them to the American government tomorrow