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Quick benefits of this

  • Very easy to use
  • Requires more less no training to use
  • Finds links for you semi automatic
  • Finds most kinds of backlinks
  • Can be used on client sites
  • Incredible support
  • If you can’t work Scrapebox for finding backlinks this can be way around this problem
  • Very cheap pricing
  • Slavic so as to be expected great software
  • Made by a Successful SEO agency

How can I work this?

Click create a new search

You see the option called “Name your search” just call it whatever you want for example Forum backlinks for health site

Client say your client was called”Healthman101 ” put that there

Campaign call it anything you want such as Healthman101 Campaign

Keywords whatever sites you want in relation to your site such as health,skin care,skin,health foods. Once that is put on it’s just about ready to start

Click the type of links you want such as Guest blogging or Local Citations once you do that Toggle all operators or just click the ones you want to search for then click next step .

You can change to non English if you want or domain Extension types if you want Data range if you want I normally leave as any and if you want the most result go from 30 Depth to 100 to get maximum results if you want other data just click your mouse on them. Now click Start Scrape then wait tell it’s done in my thoughts takes normally at most 10 minutes or max 30 minutes to complete so overall very fast. The results are generally very good overall.

What type of backlinks can it find?