My honest review of Serpstat!

Why do I need this if I have Ahrefs? This is to be expected a common question many of you will ask me well here why below Costs a lot less More Slavic Data Less complex to work Support high end  A lot of less pointless software features than Ahrefs Read More

България SEO

Зміст Какво е това, което трябва да се знае? Можете да решите в Google чи Bing? Имате ли лесно класификация в Bing, но не в Google? Имате ли значение връзки в Яндекси? Какво е това, което трябва да се знае? Простият звуков контакт, който е друг, който се присъединява към Read More

Введення в Україна?

Зміст Що таке зворотний зв’язок і чому це важливо? Чому це так важливо для рейтингу в Google чи Bing? Чому я так легко класифікуюсь у Bing, але не в Google? Чи мають значення посилання в Яндексі? Що таке зворотний зв’язок і чому це важливо? Простий зворотний посилання означає, що хтось Read More

Введение в SEO?

Содержание Что такое обратная связь и почему это важно? Почему это так важно для рейтинга в Google или Bing? Почему я так легко попадаю в рейтинг в Bing, но не в Google? Имеют ли ссылки значение в Яндексе? Что такое обратная ссылка и почему это важно? Простая обратная ссылка означает Read More

Introduction into SEO?

What is backlink and why is this important? A backlink simple means someone else who links to your site or a client site such as connecting to one of your website. Why is this so important for rankings in Google or Bing? This is still the biggest ranking factor Read More

Review of

Quick benefits of this Very easy to use Requires more less no training to use Finds links for you semi automatic Finds most kinds of backlinks Can be used on client sites Incredible support If you can’t work Scrapebox for finding backlinks this can be way around this problem Very Read More

How to approach a serious SEO in Chats or emails?

Have a real point to why you chat or email? Don’t think we are all doing nothing because you are maybe SEO is not something because some dumbass or scammer told you can rank for any keyword in the world such as Car for free mean this true so then Read More

Problems with Findthatlead

Let me be fair before I get into the negative parts of it In the past I bought of Appsump expecting a program which could work it was pretty good to start with overall works well for most emails it checked and I could send emails through it as well Read More

Can I beat a million Pound Business in rankings?

how i ranked my first site  Well let me first talk about the first ever site I got please note when I build this I had no idea what SEO was and I got fooled by many in the SEO selling me crap programs guaranteeing to bring me to the first page of Google Read More