the world’s worst domain register?

I just tried this domain provider since never heard of them. I reached through to useless person a man I think after I found out they performed a redirection which I never done or told them to do when I quested this man about it he took no responsibility for Read More

Just article about how I got into SEO

The reason I have quite a lot of skills when I was younger I could get a job more less instant in Retail or most areas fairly but once the Recession of 2008 came all the rules completely changed getting any job very hard where you have to be related Read More

How to price yourself out the market?

You may not know this but a lot of people who outsource work to say Asia do it because they can’t afford to hire native people for example most SEO only make sales of between $0 to $2000 a month so if you are expecting to charge say more money Read More

My review of

Good parts First Free hosting for 1 year Different userface which you may enjoy to not use Cpanel here WordPress Tools this can be useful if you can’t get into your site for whatever reason to me that is actually a must here since I find because of the URL Read More

Semrush Benefits?

What are the main points of using this program? Keyword Research Understand Traffic Learn about keyword phases you may not know your website or client site has rankings for so you could focus on that. Make SEO improvements onpage style Understand traffic for each keywords better Majority of the SEO Read More

CraigCampbell Black Hat SEO Course

I will be giving you a quick sneek view into the wonders of this course please note I will not share all of the actual data since that is not what this article is for . The course will teach you how to do SEO approaches you maybe have never Read More

Google May update

What have I seen happen here ? Some sites losing rankings in major way others experiencing a impressive ranking improvements People doing the usual making up theories such as it’s always down to Adwords payment for rankings going up or down which is mostly false . Some more people leave Read More

How to sing for backlinks?

The story of how I recorded a quick song then got like 2000 backlinks for free it was around 7 years ago not sure if it was invented or not by me this SEO link building approach. Me and quite famous SEO guy who stopped it me and the guy Read More

Should I buy a course online?

Going to cover advantages first Learn a new skill or develop a hobby Make money Increase your business success Get a new job Offer a new service in your own job or company a like Learn from a professional in any area Saves you going to college or university to Read More

How to ask someone to become your Affiliate?

This may sound a stupid question but I see people do it wrong all the time today was a good example Someone asks me to become his Affiliate the reason this person asked me to be one a lot of the past affiliates who were doing things were not getting Read More