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What are the point or benefits of Niche Edits or Link Inserts?

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  1. Will already be ranking for a keyword or keyword phrases
  2. Have age behind them
  3. Already have backlinks attached to them
  4. Should index faster than a fresh guest post normally
  5. Cheaper than guest posts normally
  6. Don’t have to create a fresh article to get links from the webmaster

The niches include

  •   Architecture  
  •   Automobile  
  •   Beauty  
  •   Birds  
  •   Blog for Men  
  •   Blogging  
  •   Business  
  •   Cleaning  
  •   Coaching  
  •   Coffee  
  •   Cuisine, Receipes  
  •   Design  
  •   Design, Tech  
  •   Digital news  
  •   DIY, Home Improvement  
  •   Dogs  
  •   Eco Lifestyle  
  •   Entertainment  
  •   Family  
  •   Fashion  
  •   Fitness  
  •   Food  
  •   gadgets  
  •   Gaming  
  •   Gardening  
  •   General  
  •   Health  
  •   Home Design, Home Décor  
  •   Home Improvement  
  •   Home improvement, Décor  
  •   Home improvement, Design  
  •   Home improvement, DIY  
  •   Home Improvement, Gardening  
  •   Home, architecture  
  •   Home, garden  
  •   Home, general  
  •   Home, Travel  
  •   Horses  
  •   Interior Design  
  •   IT, Tech  
  •   Kids  
  •   Leadership, Self Growth  
  •   Lifestyle  
  •   Magazine  
  •   Marketing, tech  
  •   Mobile  
  •   Music  
  •   News  
  •   Outdoors  
  •   Parenting  
  •   Personal Blog  
  •   Pets  
  •   Real Estate  
  •   Receipes, Food  
  •   Renewable Energy  
  •   Science  
  •   Shoes  
  •   Software  
  •   Sports  
  •   Student
  •   Tech  
  •   Travel  
  •   Wedding  

You can see here the list is very detailed for what niches it covered meaning it will cover a high amount of niches for your own sites or client websites in most cases allowing you to rank up a site without having to pay someone to find the sites for you or doing it yourself it could take anywhere between 1 week to 6 months depending on the speed of your search skills and how long it takes for you to quality check a site using metrics or other factors such as keywords or traffic or DR or traffic among other factors you may consider important such as the age of a website or age of a post or page .

The prices start at $10 and go up to $350 with one site having a price that can change sometimes.

$10 for link insert is very cheap overall meaning you could rank up your business on a low level budget in some cases or you simply want a rank boost from existing article on a website to give you the age perk as well from a link from these sites.

It has a list of 400 sites

Features include

  1.  Websites
  2. Niche
  3. RD
  4. Traffic US
  5. Traffic All
  6. DR 
  7. Email
  8. Price 
  9. Side note

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