Why it’s pointless dealing with jerks or inconfident people?

I bought a software for like $13 which would in theory allow me to have plugins or WordPress themes sounds great huh?

Problems seen

  • A lot of things don’t work
  • Keep needing a different licence for each app or software each time which was not provided
  • The website would crash or break

If most things don’t work or don’t work like they should be that means you need to in theory fix it yourself or just accept it’s broken but if you need it for some reason can get very annoying fast overall.

If you buy like two softwares of someone then remember two no issue overall but if you buy into a service which provides you like 100 or more softwares then you having to put one in each account or plugin or theme setting can get complex or unpleasant to deal with often.

Having a website crash or break can cost a business or person big money whether it’s for 1 hour or longer a like meaning if you try and sell a service which does that people or businesses are within their rights to stop paying you if you can’t get it fixed fast or ever then expect to lose a lot of customers to other business with people who can do the service or there jobs right overall.

Weather you pay big or small money a like it’s not the business person to chase you to make something work it’s your job to fix it if you can’t then pay someone who can or shutdown your operations until you can do this since most business people are often busy or doing very so don’t have time to run after many inconfident people all around the world .

When you are meant to trying to hire someone or offering a payment say it quick there is no point of fannying around expecting everyone to dance for you when you can’t even do what average 14 year old kid can well often so if you are adult and not able to do this learn how to manage or pay someone who can do it if not people will just know you as a timewaster and refuse to deal with you often which does happen to a fair amount of people I see online in a lot of cases normally

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