Some Basic SEO mistakes I see all the time

  1. All Citation links should have same information in them
  2. Attach as many links as possible to boost rankings even if they are terrible .
  3. SLow load time

If you make 15 directory links this week with all of them having exact information that means Google will normally index just 1 link meaning in theory the other 14 links will often be disindexed or provide no link juice I have seen it happen myself from my own tests and other people experiments as well so if someone claims do 100 directory links with some information is not a good idea so make sure they are either fully unique or as unique as possible whenever possible unless you are just doing an experiment yourself .

I still see often people bringing up the idea that more backlinks is always better than less so they will attach links in some cases with Google personality attached to them or other issues then believe if someone has say 1000 backlinks attached if you have 2000 than means your site in theory better when in reality it’s down to the quality of the links not just down to the number as many people claim often.

Speed is proper ranking factor this means if your site loads in 5 seconds or more you will often find it harder to rank in a lot of cases unless your site has authority in Google eyes for some other kind of reasons such as steady stream of traffic a month for example if your site loads within 3 seconds and your competitor loads within 5 if both the sites are exact same offpage and onpage except for speed factor then it means your site will generally rank ahead of your competitor since speed is ever improvement factor to pay attention overall.

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