How to network for backlinks?

Let’s say you have a technology site I am sure on Facebook or other websites you can find people who work in this niche you could possibly make some of them into friends for example let’s say you make 10 people with tech sites you could then ask them something like this”I noticed you run a Tech site like me I was wondering if you would allow me to give you a guest post of my website for free in exchange you give me one back of your site? Why exactly will this often work well? Both people win and also it’s free meaning no money needs to take place for this to happen.

Many websites do what’s known as Expert round up which means the person doing the article needs so many people to do part of the article such as 30 words for each of the 20 people this will mean you will have to share a tip or your experiences in regards to something such as one I got here

More less all niches can be accepted into Expert round up such as Health,SEO,programming,sports,history,Music among any other more less this allows you to get a link of often decent website which can allow you to get your rankings boosted up and also allow you to boost the brand reputation of your website case you don’t know what I mean by that let me explain it means people will see your business in a more high authority viewpoint when it comes to whatever niche or service you are targeting for your business it can also allow you to close more clients by people seeing you as more authority in your niche or simply get more sales or traffic a month.

You will often see on Facebook groups or profiles asking others to appear on their website so if you pay attention here or other social media sites you can get links from this type of process fairly easy all you have to do is reply back saying you can help them with that or simply say yes since the person already has want for people to appear in the site no need for sending a very creative email or comment on Facebook since it’s gong to be probably yes as long as your content or information good enough for the website you want features on you can use this for your own websites or client sites as like.

Answering questions or providing guidance into certain topic can allow you to appear knowledgeable when it comes to at area meaning someone you helped before may contact you asking you to appeal on a expert round so keep paying attention to people you helped before since it may help you later on as well.

Linkedin can be used to build up working relationship such as if you have an SEO site you can build up connections to other SEO who some of them could possibly allow you to get featured on one of their sites when they do expert round up for example if you are very good at Private Blog Networks then you could supply them with 100 word content covering something most people generally don’t know this area of SEO.

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