Can you rely on Lifetimehosting?

Topics of importance to be discussed here

  1. History
  2. Support
  3. Rely on to run long term or short term
  4. inventing problems
  5. Costs

In the past around 4 years ago it worked like this you could buy LTD hosting for between $10 to $49 so what would you get for this sort of money?

  • Unlimited amount of sites on it often
  • unlimited space
  • ways to host sites on the cheap or even in some cases free as well
  • Support be okay normally
  • Unique IPS for each domain 

Unlimited space was very attractive in the past for some pbn meaning you could pay like $49 then be able to host all your pbns or a few of them on different ips and not be on the bad pbn style hosting providers which exist meaning you could run 10 say on each one or more if you wanted and as long as you don’t make to many foot prints things would often work great.

You could get the usual features on many other more expensive hosting WordPress or Drupal or another kind of website to work on the server so if you had 10 you could have in unrelated Websites styles if you prefered to go with that to follow the idea all WordPress links or all Drupal sites looks like a footprint .

Depending on how many pbns you had you could pay anywhere from $10 to say $10,000 a month or more depending on many factors so being able to pay just like $49 was at the time a incredible saving overall meaning you could focus money on buying softwares or paying stuff or any other expense you may have.

Support would normally exist on submit ticket system meaning no live chats would exist normally but if you could handle waiting around 2 hours not much of an issue in the past.

You could have hosted actual money sites on then I used to do it sometimes when looking for good or better hosting provider it had many benefits in the past or even if you just had money shortage put on the LTD hosting for month or so .

In all my experiences of support the support of them all is really bad for example I tried to buy one today called the guy could not understand why when you buy hosting not being allowed is bad or problem so he wanted me to explain that to him please note this is no joke or lie that really happened. I already told him in the first message I could not log in and I told him in the first email this is not the right way to start a working relationship which never crossed his mind. After 3 emails I got refund started and even told him that but then he told me setup account so they as I knew before never setup the account right so rather than trick like a normal human he lost the service or business he told me to setup the account so I just left of emailing further.

Running any business or pbn on these type of hosting over the overall terrible support all provide makes this idea impossible to put off anymore I have tried around 20 so far the first problem you notice always is the support so when they often make problems which you never did having the support not were a bag of piss does not help at all.

Long term probably get bad for you very fast in most cases.

If you were going to do it just for say 2 months to a max of say 6 months you could possibly find one suitable or if you just want a website for like hobby lifestyle then it could work but if you want a serious business this type of hosting probably blowup in your face quick.

Inventing problems may seem strange so I will give you some examples to show it does happen a lot of from these type of businesses.

  1. No way to install WordPress or some other kind of softwares
  2. No way to log in 
  3. Account passed changes or they delete your email account without telling you 
  4. Someone hacked their server so they blame you for it but provide no proof for who you did it
  5. Can’t have grown up chat without the user immature child coming out face if you ask a direct question to them
  6. Plugins often not work because they think it’s virus or something similar so they refuse to let you use this such as one would not let the most basic plugins of Tablepress or header and footer work sounds bit silly but it does happen here a lot.
  7. Give you a lot of problems then think adding you to Facebook or Linkedin means we now best friends so all the problems I made for you makes us cool right?
  8. If you get one without unlimited space they can fill up quite quick so not much use unless you get one with unlimited or big spaces like say 100GB or more meaning you are forced to move to host unless they have account upgrades often which many of them surprising don’t have 
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