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Google May update

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What have I seen happen here ?

  • Some sites losing rankings in major way
  • others experiencing a impressive ranking improvements
  • People doing the usual making up theories such as it’s always down to Adwords payment for rankings going up or down which is mostly false .
  • Some more people leave SEO area again.

I have noticed in many sites the biggest winners here were the ones with good quality backlinks that was very clear for me since all my sites experience impressive ranking boosts since I normally use high end backlinks instead of what others mostly use hacked or other rubbish kinds of backlinks.

The Biggest ranking boost I got from one site was 50% traffic increase as soon as May started which interested me a lot.

Most other people I knew experienced giant ranking loses .

I am not going to waste to much time here since it’s not complex update but lets explain what is example of high quality backlink.

For example include


Now what is rubbish backlink like?

This can be simply one with no strong backlinks attached to it and it will generally get very little traffic or authority in the eyes of Google.

Building Trust in the eyes of Google comes in these areas for the basic of it

High Quality backlinks

Good quality content

Good history

Building of the brand image such as setting up Facebook or Twitter or other social channels and decent directory links or profile or web 2.0 links or possibly good quality Press releases as well done here.

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