Month: June 2020

Semrush traffic data

Semrush Benefits?

What are the main points of using this program?

  • Keyword Research
  • Understand Traffic
  • Learn about keyword phases you may not know your website or client site has rankings for so you could focus on that.
  • Make SEO improvements onpage style
  • Understand traffic for each keywords better
  • Majority of the SEO all around the world use it so it must be good
  • Automatic keyword research
  • Keyword Research easy to get for each website by just clicking if you want in excel or another format style
  • Guest posts
  • Attractive Reports for a website for your own use or client uses

When you first this tool you need to click what type of area you want to do I picked SEO next step add in your domain such as my one of

Easy to rank for keywords is something very important when you start any websites for example from these types of words you could make say a extra $50 to $2000 depending on how many you rank for a month and something you may not know being able to rank for other low end phases can allow you rank for more high end ones since for example if you do Adsense work this can pay of your bills or allow you to possibly buy a new holiday every year with the extra money you make


CraigCampbell Black Hat SEO Course

I will be giving you a quick sneek view into the wonders of this course please note I will not share all of the actual data since that is not what this article is for .

The course will teach you how to do SEO approaches you maybe have never thought some of these things you may agree or disagree with like all things in life is down to you to decide if something good or bad .

Can you make big money from Blackhat SEO?

You can make anywhere from nothing all the way up to $100,000 per site if you do things in very extreme way which you may find breaks your site or gets it disndexed but I am just telling you this to help explain to you the money benefits from this way to work online

Gives you the main baisic of how to do the Blackhat SEO style this can be debate as risky or safe depending on how you do it.

Learn advanced linkbuilding most of your competitors will probably not use or only use occasionally so if you use this more than them you can even storm ahead of your competitors some of the time such as get high end backlinks of newspaper or press Release type of backlinks for free which can be big saving since buying these type of links can cost anywhere from $200 to even $ 50,000-year cost for the links.


Google May update

What have I seen happen here ?

  • Some sites losing rankings in major way
  • others experiencing a impressive ranking improvements
  • People doing the usual making up theories such as it’s always down to Adwords payment for rankings going up or down which is mostly false .
  • Some more people leave SEO area again.

I have noticed in many sites the biggest winners here were the ones with good quality backlinks that was very clear for me since all my sites experience impressive ranking boosts since I normally use high end backlinks instead of what others mostly use hacked or other rubbish kinds of backlinks.

The Biggest ranking boost I got from one site was 50% traffic increase as soon as May started which interested me a lot.

Most other people I knew experienced giant ranking loses .

I am not going to waste to much time here since it’s not complex update but lets explain what is example of high quality backlink.

For example include


Now what is rubbish backlink like?

This can be simply one with no strong backlinks attached to it and it will generally get very little traffic or authority in the eyes of Google.

Building Trust in the eyes of Google comes in these areas for the basic of it

High Quality backlinks

Good quality content

Good history

Building of the brand image such as setting up Facebook or Twitter or other social channels and decent directory links or profile or web 2.0 links or possibly good quality Press releases as well done here.