How to sing for backlinks?

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The story of how I recorded a quick song then got like 2000 backlinks for free it was around 7 years ago not sure if it was invented or not by me this SEO link building approach.

Me and quite famous SEO guy who stopped it me and the guy were having sarcastic talk about SEO and singing and few other things.

He dared me I could not get free backlinks for singing a song so I decided to try it .

I had bit of famous cover song I done of someone else before .

The guy suggested I do the Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face song so done that.

I added my version of there song to like 20 or so music themed sites then within 1 week I checked Majestic I found out 2000 or more links out to the song so then I decided to tell them all to redirect the backlinks to one of my sites during one of my Ecommerce site picked up quite a good amount of traffic and sales went up like for example I was supplying for some reason American army base at the time with Manuka honey. I thought it was joke when the order came in for like £500 and when I googled the address a American army base came up. I found out he found me on the American part of Yellowpages

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