Should I buy a course online?

Going to cover advantages first

  1. Learn a new skill or develop a hobby
  2. Make money
  3. Increase your business success
  4. Get a new job
  5. Offer a new service in your own job or company a like
  6. Learn from a professional in any area
  7. Saves you going to college or university to learn these sort of things or going for physical meet up.
  8. Learn at a faster rate than learning by yourself
  9. Some provide an option for you to send them questions as well.

Disadvantages of courses online

  1. Many scammers exist in this area
  2. People often sell out of date information or resell other people information often
  3. Courses often don’t tell you real facts for example it may say to get $1000 a month buy a course for $200 but you need to invest $2000 a month for 3 months to get that sales amount
  4. IF they contain wrong information could make you loss money or in extreme cases go bankrupt
  5. Some people who do courses are very bigheaded
  6. Expensive to buy a course
  7. Does not apply to you 

Are all Courses scams? Around 50% are good and other 50% bad so always try then decide if it’s good or bad.

A very important complaint I see all the time from people say this sort of thing ” IT does not work” I find in a lot cases people who claim that never started the course or at most done 5 % of it if that’s the case you can’t really dispute the quality since you need to do the whole thing first of all.

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