How to ask someone to become your Affiliate?

This may sound a stupid question but I see people do it wrong all the time today was a good example

Someone asks me to become his Affiliate the reason this person asked me to be one a lot of the past affiliates who were doing things were not getting paid by the owner or owners of the business for why so many people refuse to do business with them

You may be thinking but that just them why does that matter? Well for one of if they did not pay another person or persons so many of it means two things the owner is just keeping the money themselves or they have no money to pay you.

A lot of people should know if you contact someone because you they know you are good at something which applied to me in this case SEO or programming they should make you good offer for example offer you free software or higher competition than others if not the higher end SEO or business people will generally not deal with you that is not just me many others will not .

I received a really stupid or pointless email today of someone I think it worth understand or thinking over for how not to start a business or promote something online

If someone asks you a question whatever it may be calling someone stupid does not mean you win debate or are now right. If you want to call someone stupid provide real grounds not just say that then case won and when the other person provides real prove what happens in life or business then you claim it did not happen when it was proved to happen in court and you provide no provide that theory makes you look stupid or clueless on life or reality overall.

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