My honest review of Serpstat!

Why do I need this if I have Ahrefs?

This is to be expected a common question many of you will ask me well here why below

  1. Costs a lot less
  2. More Slavic Data
  3. Less complex to work
  4. Support high end 
  5. A lot of less pointless software features than Ahrefs has overall
  6. You have lot less of the BS which most people speak about Ahrefs compared to zero about Serpstat overall.
  7. I have no idea how to program or do SEO can I work this? Yes you can fairly easy. I have small budget of say $1000 for SEO software and other things can I afford this easy yes you can they also do an impressive free use of the account to let you test it before you buy it which to me is very cool overall.

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    • Blair Urquhart

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