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Introduction into SEO?

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What is backlink and why is this important?

A backlink simple means someone else who links to your site or a client site such as connecting to one of your website.

Why is this so important for rankings in Google or Bing?

This is still the biggest ranking factor and will probably always exist for SEO wise in the Western area so putting simple the more quality links you get the better such as

Do I only need dofollow links no put simply both dofollow and nofollow are important but the main difference is dofollow will generally give you a bigger ranking boost than nofollow links overall.

How many links to rank a site? IT depends on many things here simplied way to explain some of it speed of the site,onpage factors,actual backlinks,age of site,who owns it such as a famous person can increases it,Social signals.

Why do I rank so easy in Bing but not Google?

In most cases Bing uses kind of like out of date ranking system compared to Google so you can use spammy or low quality links and rank easy on Bing.

Do links matter in Yandex?

No since they believe it’s to easy to rank corrupt using links so they don’t rely on it you need to understand how Yandex system works outside of links to do well on this search engine.

Do Social signals boot a site rankings or authority?

Yes they can and here is why? Social signals are used by search engines like Google to workout if links are natural or not so the more shares you get or retweets or Youtube popularity could be used to work that out for them some of the time and more important if a manual inspection is done by Google for some reason. People use them on the pbns as well to make the sites look more natural.

Why do we do the things stated approve to increase the sales of are own business or client sites a like.

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