Monthly Archive: February 2020

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What is UK SEO?

A lot of people don’t know that doing Search engine optimization in the United Kingdom is different to in other countries the main reasons for why is that the UK has overall people who...

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How to use Tagging to rank easy?

Please note this is not a guaranteed to work method by any means and also this can get you any amount of first page rankings from simply one keyword phase to any amount of...

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Meta-tag stuffing

Was in the past a method popular by spammers from the past where you have Metag with as many possible keywords including it like this”best car, best red car, greatest bus,” You would basically...

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5 Reasons Why You Need PPC Management Company

In the world of digitalization, two things play the most crucial role to gain the website traffic; One is SEO, and other is PPC which stands for pay per click advertising. If you want...

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