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Why I join sites to research niches?

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Well, I did quite a lot of research into the dating area since I know lots of money can be

made in this area online and I know you may now think” Hi I need lots of money to beat other dating sites?” No there is like 1000 different dating areas you can rank up I have seen plenty of sites ranking on top of Google for keyword area which would make at least £500 a month with only 100 low quality backlinks so you could easy built a dating site today get 30 directory links for it and say 20 cheap guest posts and beat this site and have a site that now makes £500 a month for you

How to know if you found an easy to beat site?

The first step look at the site if it says not being updated in a while then you know the person doing work has probably lost interest in it either short-term or long-term

Second step look at the backlink profile we can use ahrefs or majestic your choice both great tools to checkout the links of the site if it has low links or not many you can easy beat it but remember some of them will have hiding pbn networks, and some of them could be big.

Step three Budget how much do you have for the project if you say have £500 then you can easy beat the lower competition sites if not you can still do this, but you will need to work on getting free guest posts or building site networks to boost up your site authority and rankings.

Step four you need to decide what format you want it you can easy do it on WordPress.

Step Five how much content do you need on this it’s really your option you could do simply a blog page which keeps on getting updating which members can fill, in for you or just one page on a site is good enough, or you could do none for a dating site it’s not really needed here lots of content

Step six you need a good quality brand you can make it look dirty or not depend on your niche you are targeting since both can be good or okay or bad depending on who you are targeting for your niche ideas.

Step Steven you can include videos if you want and can be dirty or standard depending on what you want.

Step Eight you can sell dating related things on it though Amazon and many other groups or make money purely from Adsense it’s really your choice, but in general, this area is one of the highest payers of commission if you get accepted by the right group

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