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Why do many people have problems doing Facebook advertising?

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  1. No plan
  2. Buy fake Facebook likes of people of say Fiverr
  3. Keep getting told lies
  4. Never take action No plan fails because people then keep on trying and trying new things in the hope of one thing working in a lot of cases all that happens you waste a lot of time and money you can fix by having a plan right up a good way to do social media is to do a lot of sharing on your social pages or profiles the more you share in general the more traffic you will get you can use videos or photos to increase the number of people coming from your social channels to your sites, but in general the more you share, the better overall.

You build a site today, and it has to say 10,000 likes you brought of someone on say fiverr.

Does this look natural?
No it does not and in general Google can workout fairly well if someone has real likes or fakes since they will pay attention to what traffic or likes you are getting from this site, and if you loss 2,000 of them in short space of time the search engine will then have a clear sign it is not real likes mean they will devalue the likes you have.

Whenever you do a post on Facebook around 12% of the people who like your page before will see this so if all your people are fake that means none of them will take action on your posts meaning you have no chance to get sales or traffic from this social site because all the people who saw it was bots or fake people .

When your page does actually growth itself popular and has real likes and real traffic going to it you still suck with the fake people who like your page since they will still be shown so never buy fake likes for any of your sites since you are creating a problem and paying for it.

Online you can find many different people telling you a range of different ideas and people selling courses about social media when I went into studying this before myself I found overall no one told the truth about how you do it they make it out you need to pay a Market manager with lots of experience and pay that person a high wage who will then make you big money in reality in a lot of cases people you find who claim to be experts will not be any good and you will just be wasting money using them and they often come with a big expense on your part such as they might want you to pay them to say £100 a day or more money, so you pay this money and you get no sales or money from this is a common problem people have since everybody claims they are expert on anything when in reality no nothing except the words “Social Media”

Never Take action this can happen for many different reasons such as people simply don’t have time to do the work or no interest in doing the work if that happens to you can overcome it by simply taking a bit of time off from it or hire Bestsecompaniesin   to do it for you.

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