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Why do Americans companies always design shit softwares? Brandmentions

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You may wondering why would I say such a thing let me explain my experience in this area.

I have been programming quite a long time I build my first computer game aged 12 and now I am aged 30 so I have in total 18 years of experience in this area. I am also friends with many different programmers from the following countries








I can take over a program today then make it run better without much work on my part. I have found more less always when it comes to any software companies from America we have the main big problems all the time which seem to never get better. When you say a problem which is caused by there support or the actual software they never understand or reply with any sense in most cases so that means we now have to try and get sense out of them so it could take over 1 month for them to understand anything to fix the actual issue. The support of most of them generally likely asking asleep person approach to anything which they may reply back to you once a week but in to other countries normally reply back within at most 48 hours or a lot will reply back to you in 2 hours for example with Dibz a Siberian company they reply back quite fast often to me within 2 hours or Ahrefs Ukraine company again fast replies normally within 2 hours. A lot of the American companies as well generally spend all the time trying to make up excuses to get out of fixing the issue so it can become very annoying fast.

Say you buy a program in beta or early stages of development from America most of the time will be bad to be expected but I find in a lot of cases when I go back to it 6 months or more less always it’s still just as bad as before no better at all. Part of why I asked them if they are still in Beta with they did not reply back to me.

The program here keeps on crashing over simple jobs. I have tried it on three computers 2 being Windows both same problems and one on Chromebook so I have now tested two software types and also on two different Browser Google and Firebox both same problems. I have also tried clearing the cookies again the same old problems.

I know people, in general, do businesses for all kinds of reasons it can be simply to fill in one day or have fun or to make money but whatever the reasoning behind having a business you are generally expected to make things happen for example when I deal with Clients I can’t tell him or her”hi sorry I can’t do my job today I am sleepy or can’t be bothered ” but comes to American themed businesses for whatever reason so many are like this 24/7. For example, I have an American friend who runs big American SEO Agency he told me this before” I can’t employ Americans because many of them are very lazy part of why I generally get foreign people to work me in America such as I to have Indians or Filipinos or Russians”. I have to spoke quite a lot of Foreign friends who live in America running businesses who told me very similar things such as” I offered job for American young guy to get job at $20 a hour for light work but he was too lazy to do it” $20 a wage for guy without any experience to me is a good wage.

Just got into another chat with the woman not being able to understand how to market a product or software over the idea you workout what your customers want then base the product or service which makes me think as well bad marketing another thing causing this group problems.

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