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What is UK SEO?

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A lot of people don’t know that doing Search engine optimization in the United Kingdom is different to in other countries the main reasons for why is that the UK has overall people who do backlinking in a very high quality themed approach.

You may now wonder what is high quality about the links people use come from sites with really top authority sites which have lots of traffic going to them not the case of cheap rubbish links which many use in other countries.

A great website more less always has good quality design or theme the way to pick one right is to get one that loads fast and one which allows you to keep making changes to it so you can make it better and better all the time such as adding in photos, video, articles and also have easy social share feature of the site you may not know this, but social sharing can lead to powerful traffic coming to the websites on a regular basis .

Contact form is a must on websites the reason this is so important is many people will need to contact you about buying a product or service off you, or general concern can happen as well and have a contact part of the site boosts people trust in your services since it tells them you are here to help them.

Facebook pages can easily give more of trust to your business you may not know this, but many people will check out your Facebook page before they will do business with you so having active page is good way to stand out from the crowd and you can also use this as a good way to send traffic to your site if you are willing to do a lot of posting you can easily get up to 100,000 or more from Facebook a month.

The two main ways of doing Facebook advertising include doing the free ways you simply share as much content as possible on Facebook leading to more and more people liking your page and traffic going to your site.

A cool trick many people don’t know about how you can promote one of your more popular photos and get extra 1000 targetted traffic to your site for just £1 a day but please make sure if you want to apply this trick, make sure you have a really good quality image which makes people take action if you have this then pay to promote this and you can get excellent results from this.

When you are doing business you may not know this, but people want to know you and see your photo this may surprise you, but many people are really keen to see the face behind businesses so uploading some pictures of yourself which will increase trust flow to your business and increase sales and upload photos of the work you are doing such as say you are joiner, upload a few photos of the work you did today on someone building since it shows others what your skills are and also makes there interest take off

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