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What is SEO?

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A lot of people ask this kind of question all the time and get in a lot of cases the wrong information since so many different people tell lies on the subject or say out of date information.

The goal of Google is to get the best site on the top of Google to keep making them money which is why they must keep on testing sites to see if the site on the top has many people taking action on it or not if many people leave your site fast then Google can easily lower your rankings but if people stay on your site longer then Google can improve your rankings for keywords or keep you on the top space.

The biggest Ranking factor in Google is backlinks, so if you don’t have any backlinks you will have very little chance to rank in the search engines for competitive terms but it is still possible to rank if you go after low authority terms which will have no competition or the competition so small a better-made article will outrank the competition .

Social signals
A lot of people keep claiming they don’t help to improve a site rankings but that is not true it can help you improve your rankings because Twitter is a site which has lots of traffic and lots backlinks attached to it so if you get twitter signals coming from popular accounts it tells Google your site has good quality content on it which sends a signal to them to improve your rankings on Google.

Facebook can send you a giant amount of traffic, and you may not know this, but Google does actually monitor a site Facebook page to check out how popular the site is say someone builds a site today and over the first week they have 2000 backlinks and no Facebook likes or other social signals this tells the search engines it never came the links naturally so in a lot of cases the site will get there site put back into the sandbox or stay in the sandbox or get Google penalty

Tumblr has for a lot of people lost its big appeal for people using it as a good way to rank in the search engines the reason for why so many people were in the past building giant Tumblr networks, so Tumblr decided to turn all the tumblr backlinks from dofollow to nofollow this why this site all from a ranking viewpoint provides people with little benefit but it can still send people traffic if they are willing to work on the Tumblr account enough.

On page SEO this covers a lot of different things such as the speed of the site a lot of people struggle with getting the site to load fast the main things people do when it comes to WordPress site they install a giant amount of plugins on a small server say you have shared server you have 100 plugins on it at the moment in a lot of cases this will cause the server to simply shut down or cause it give you very slow speed on a shared hosting to the maximum plugins you should use are 10 to 20 plugins, and you have to include as well many plugins themselves alone can slow your site down by even 5 seconds and if you are experiencing a slow site this is a key area to look into.

Images are must on websites, but in a lot of cases people don’t compress them you have many different ways you can do it you can manually do it but if you have a big site this will take a giant amount of time or you can automatic by using image compression software like this will improve the speed of your site by a significant amount in a lot of cases.

Themes can prove a nightmare for many different people if they use the wrong one here why in a lot of cases themes have a lot of things you don’t need in such as a built-in social sharing part which slows your site down by 3 seconds or contact form which slows you down by 4 seconds so on this theme before we do any work on it we are in 7 seconds, so we have 2 options keep trying hard to make it work and spending all the time trying to work on it but the best opportunity is picking another theme the most critical part of the theme is the load time it gives you whether it looks bad does not overall matter as much as you think since you can easily make a theme look nice with photos, videos, articles,

Many sites still don’t have AMP so wanted to cover this as well. What AMP does it allows people websites to load at a much faster rate you may not know this but a site can still load very slow on someone mobile phone, so AMP was designed as a way to give people on the slow internet a very fast way to load a website page. This photo shows you how it normally looks a simple themed developed purely on the basic of making a website page load at a very fast rate and these type of sites now are on the front page of Google for different keywords, so this is now in full action, but many people are not using AMP.

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