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Want to see the real power of Branded URL’S?

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For one of my sites, I get the minimum of traffic of 144,780 a month sound good to you?

Well here how I did it all the outside URL work you need to do is branded URL like this Bestsecompaniesin or does URLs like this tells search engines you are wanting to be a brand or authority which has being proved by many to give you more authority than the exact match method in the long term using keyword match domains does make you rank faster, for your target keywords, but once you do you normally reach the problem of it not making much sense to others if you target other keywords since you have domain meant for one keyword, not 100 or more with branded domain you can do that with them

You will need to aim to get real high-quality backlinks you can get it from guest posting places often don’t worry about this problem ” everybody needs money for guest posts?” to be honest no it’s fairly easy to get free guest posts if you are willing to network.

Network works like this play it cool means be relaxed just email everybody like this do a bit of friendly chatting I would recommend at least 2 months make sure you speak to the person like he or she is your friend fas a good minimum now you are both like buddies approach them and ask them this” Hi I was really impressed with how you run your site with the high-quality articles you do and I am learning more every day of the week from you would you be kind enough to let me guest post a high-quality article on your site about networking?” you will probably find out the person will give you link of that means to say you were on page 3 for your keyword you could easily be on page 2 or 1 and be ranking for many other keywords sound a lot better than building say 20 pbn sites yourself?

Budget for guest posting if you want to buy them for faster results

It can cost anything from $5 to anything even $100,000 backlink rent cost that may sound crazy high, but if you are in the real high competition area, this is the kind of money you need to be willing to spend on some backlinks.

You might know this, but in Google, eyes Branded URLs are the most natural way to do SEO work if you do SEO right all your work should come across as natural as possible more less.

I doubt many of you will know this is if you do branded URL right people will type in your brand name as actual keyword so it could be worth basically unlimited amount of people it could be anything from like 10 to say 1 million traffic to it day depending on how you build up the brand you can easy do it but the work load from it can be hard to handle for many different people .

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