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Meta-tag stuffing

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Was in the past a method popular by spammers from the past where you have Metag with as many possible keywords including it like this”best car, best red car, greatest bus,” You would basically try and put in as many as potential keywords or keyword phrases to improve the rankings of the site.

People would try and rank for as many as possible related and non related terms as possible it did work before well it would mean a site would get a lot more traffic and lead to more sales Google caught on to this practice and stopped it for most people but there is still one form which works now.

If you do an Event blogging please note this is something you do at your own risks I have seen people do big metag tag stuff and keyword stuffing on event pages actual blogs and them ranking on first page of Google the guy I saw doing it took the top space for a lot of different based event blogs by using this keyword stuffing method the reason for why it works here and not standard SEO is Google cares less about what you do in Events because it is normally a once in a year events. The Search engines also have a lot of different things to monitor, but from Event SEO work it is still possible to make money quite fast you can do anything from $10 to a lot more money depending on each event you try and target.

Metag stuffing or keyword stuffing except for Event-based work is a bad idea and could cause your site to loss rankings fast or get a google Penalty as well.

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