How to use Tagging to rank easy?

Please note this is not a guaranteed to work method by any means and also this can get you any amount of first page rankings from simply one keyword phase to any amount of first ranks.

To do this method, you will need to be quite creative with how you tag here are some examples

The best SEO Agency in North of Scotland,
Greatest dog trainer in Florida
The best Heavy Metal band from America.
The coolest way to eat ice cream?
Best way to eat Chilly?
What is the best way to lose weight in 1 week?
How can you do Whitehat SEO in 2017?
What is the healest food to have with salad?
What are all of scrapebox uses?
Can Scrapebox help to do comment backlinks?

Notice in all the tag examples I used a lot of them are things people would not normally type into Google this is the key thing you should learn from what I am teaching you here and if you want to do this you need to be as usual for how you use tags as possible to get good results from this but try and make sure it relates to article or site each time.

The prettiest ferret can be used as easy to rank for keyword since no real competition is targetting this term at the moment so you could do this two forms simply do article about prettiest ferret and get first page Rankings or you could do an image on Pinterest called”The Prettiest Ferret” and take top end of the search engines for this term.

Aim for 20 tags on an article as max unless you have giant article and make sure when you are doing this all the tags you use relate to your article such as say we were doing a blog on running and we put “cycling best way to stay healthy ” that does not relate to are running article so the right way to do tags here would be to include ones like, running fast, run fast, Fastest way to run down a hill,Running can be used as a great way to loss”

You can do this in two forms one by merely typing in tags yourself which means it will take you a bit of time on each of your articles to do the task on hand

Reasons for why many people don’t tag much?
Can take a lot of time if you do manually
Not creative enough
Never thought of it
Don’t know how to do this

Second by using WP Tagmachine will do this work for you a lot faster by you simply typing in 1 keyword this will often bring in at least 5 different other words you can use this can be related to your article or not related as well so I would recommend you check the ones you tick all that make sense to be include in your article.

Could be used in your PBN Networks as a way to look more natural in Google eyes by you having first page rankings tells them you care about the site and it’s traffic.

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