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How can we fix Medic Google update of August 2018

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Introduction first of all.

The point of this update is to try and improve the user experience of all people who visit a website when they use Google, so we stay on longer, so Google makes more money by trying to improve the sites on top of Google.

In this update many of the blackhat SEO were laughing at the Google update since many of them done very well through the update with them nay of the websites they own taking over the front page of Google which is was not something ever wanted to  happen, but this is part of why this update may be stopped or changed again sometimes when it comes to Google it’s all a waiting game to see what they want next .

People thought this update was about Health for where the Medic term came from it related to all niches, not just this one.

learning how to do articles which are of a high quality can become a complex job but when you get the information from The Blogventures’

Many website owners and SEO agency were left in a really horrible stage since many of the sites before this update were in the top end but after the August update came many places lost a lot of rankings and in some cases were destroyed ranking wise  this made many people do what usually happens and think it was one thing which caused this problem like stay content or backlinks that was not the case here.

Thin content being bad this has being  idea going around for quite a long time based on the idea content is king which  I would agree but I have found after this update that this is actual ranking factor now in more significant way than was in the past meaning if you have 500 word article and your competition has 300 word article it will be more likely for you to rank than them  with more content. The content as well should provide value which is still the same as before.

About us page or FAQ or contact pages

Most of my sites before this had this kind of pages the idea behind them is to make basically make your website look more brand themed  or boost its authority and you may not people read these pages all the time like even today I read someone about us page to find out more about the company before I got new website hosting of them.  Contact pages are relevant on the ground if someone has a problem they can contact you since you may not know this but Google wants all of us to give good quality customer support, so our customers stay happy and keep using the search engines they own

Doing a contact page is nothing to complex just do a simple form with information like names, Phone numbers, emails, box to type in what they want to know to remember this can quickly get you paid money, so it is essential to have. Double check in this section it works perfectly, so no emails go nowhere or don’t work since you lose money from this and also damage your brand by no way to contact you.


This area should contain a range of information such as

What time do you open at ? 8 am 7 days a week

How long do deliveries take? The product should come within three days.

What are you refund policy? As long as the product is unopened, it can be returned back within 30 days of day purchase date.

Do you take on staff? Yes we do take on team mates if you are interested please send us a CV, and we will look over and consider you for the current jobs we need workers for.

Can you offer discounts for bulk buying? Yes, we can but please email us first to arrange prices.

Do you have a phone number? 22525

Author  part of the site proved, in this case, to be vital since it shows you more than just an anonymous person online and this is also used as a way to  get a website onto Google news just upload a photo and wee fact file about you or the author and also make include a website URL if you want here or social links as well.

Why are people leaving a website?

This can happen for all reasons it’s a boring such as low-quality content or poor design terrible images or no videos or images. A simple but effective way to improve stay on site is include a video onto your website which people will keep wanting to watch can be used as an excellent way to enhance stay times.

Best way to learn how to improve a site is check out your competition lets say his photo is funny and makes you laugh to do the same as them or better to improve website which will lead to more sales and more people coming back to your site.

Let’s say your site loads within 5 seconds but your competition loads within 3 seconds why is this a problem relating to this update? Think about it how many people will leave a site if it even takes 1 second extra and never comes back so if you can cut it down by two seconds by doing things like photo compression and disabling plugins you don’t need or getting a faster theme can easily make this happen to you which will give you more rankings and boost user experience which will help you get your ranking back.

An excellent extra tip to include here would be to use a software like since this allows you  to see what happens on your website and give you ways to improve the time people stay on your site which will result in more sales remember simple changes can provide amazing results even pure changing color from red to blue can increase stay time on time which in return boost are rankings and give you a much better stage to turn a site visitor into real customer who pays you money .

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