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Do blogging comment help a site to rank?

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Many people do claim that to be true but in reality it does not help in rankings

Think about this we can all easily make comments anywhere normally on sites so if we could do that would that not be so easy to spam it like crazy? Google knows this for why they don’t count them as something to improve site rankings
You would also only get a little amount of it even if it did help rank say you post on somewhere with 1000 comments all have backlinks, so you get 1 out of 1000 of the link juice you could have got so not much here at all.

People in the past used to do things like this to try and make sites seem popular put like 50 comments on the site think about this if they all sound very similar what does that tell us?” probably made by the same person or same group so less important.”

What tests did I do myself actually?

Well I used a made-up word of “vialonartatvhpsori ” this had no competition so a good word to pick so anyway I went over high-quality sites I send link juice to my site though purely comment links over 2 weeks I got no ranking boost at all you may now say but hi I did you would only get a ranking boost if you did other SEO forms doing comment linking gives you ranking benefit the only benefit it can give you if you post on a very popular site you can get traffic from it .

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