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Can we make big money from full on Blackhat SEO methods?

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1. Have a server on an Oil ring so no copyright issues can be done to your site
2.Strong server
3.Have the ability to code well
4.Be Creative
5.get paid from non-Adsense methods such as Amazon
6.Sexually themed advertisement can work very well here
7.Full coded site so you can get maximum speed from it
8.lot’s of content
9.Lots of images
10. You will need to do a lot of SEO work to get to this kind of level since a lot of the keyword will have competition of bigger businesses so to make this you will need to be willing to put in serious money for investment into this business for it to work well for you” allowfullscreen=””>


work on this site

You will need to be able to fully code to do or pay someone to do this kind of work since it will be a full-time career you would best to hire a group to design it and full-time group of people to maintain for it you say, 5 people and you will need to manage them well since doing this kind of work will require a good management approach since all parts of this need to be done fully right or can cause you to loss money such as you need to have in place the right coding to force people to click your advert links, so you get paid though this, and you need to have adverts showing up in real form as well for the Amazon ones and the sexually themed adds.

You will need to work strongly on your Facebook page and other social channels but please note if Facebook see’s you putting copyright things they can easy disable your account or block whatever you are doing so you would best to use a bit of sense and just show movie photos which come from legal sources, so no problem come up there it will be overall quite hard always to do that but if you are willing to do it can workout for you .

Email marketing you can do this by getting people to subscript to your mailing list it can workout very good way to get traffic you are willing to mail them about new movies you can do this by automatic to make it easier for you to manage it in general automatic can be used for this kind of site it does not matter so much since people are on it to watch tv shows or movies, so they actually want to hear about it, so they know about a new thing to watch on the site in other forms people want more related email if you are trying to get them.

High-quality guest posts or pbns will be needed here for a lot of the links since you will be up against people with good budgets for links and other SEO services, so you need to be willing to get a lot of them either by asking people for guest posts or buying pbns links or building your own pbn networks, please note you would need quite a large network to get a good place on search engines in this kind of SEO competition area.

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