Why it can be a bad idea to pick the wrong menitor?

Quick breakdown into this area of bad points

  1. Poor advice
  2. Wrong information
  3. No time for you
  4. Never done what they teach
  5. Made no money from what they teach
  6. Copied someone else information
  7. All the success they have related to them having money coming from somewhere else like wealthy parents

Good points of right Mentor

  • Relate to you
  • Helpful
  • Does what they teach
  • Have done proper research
  • Make money from what they teach you
  • Similar personalities
  • Have time for you
  • Can show you what works
  • Can show you what does not workBlue hand and green with in the centre saying wrong menitor

The reasons I am doing this article in reference to so many people when it comes to online businesses telling lies or bs this will be mostly done from SEO viewpoints

Some of the things I notice all the time wrong in the SEO area is this” Just make it up as you go alone, use someone else information, so they don’t check if it works or not such as I know of few SEO who use Wikipedia to use as proof for what they teach will work.

Wikipedia, like anything, can be right or wrong information it always depends.

When it comes to SEO what works today could easy not work tomorrow or shortly because search engines like Google update at a speedy rate so if we rely on someone information six months or more in the past it could give as these sort of problems shown below

  • Disindex are sites
  • Google Penality
  • Decrease in sales
  • Make is client lose money
  • Break a website
  • Make the business go bankrupt
  • Make are competitors be able to outrank us more comfortable since we are using out of date information as such cost us to have to force our client to pay us more money from say $500 to $1000 a month cost increases

These are not meant to scare you but to show you what can go wrong if you use the evil information or follow the wrong person for advice or help.

When it comes to SEO this is a very big problem in the industry people have wealthy parents or affluent family members or money from something they don’t tell you this let me explain why you buy someone course for say $50 he tells you “Buy my class for $50 make $2000 a month “ so you buy the course but now it does not include the following factors

  1. Have unlimited money to invest from his wealthy parents
  2. Pays people to do it all for him
  3. Does not do what they teach
  4. Only covers a small amount of people or niche such a say ranked up one site in say the Health niche

A lot of people when they try and sell you a course or idea does include many parts so you do it then you can’t do it because they don’t reveal how much it will cost you to do it such as it may mean for them to do it cost $10,000 to make this happen, so you now went from $50 to now $10,050 or don’t include how long it takes to make it happen. They can also to put it up again than try and use you a program for say $1000 or say $100 a month so now the costs are going up meaning average person can’t afford this or do this.

These are the real big problem I see all the time online if someone honest then you will generally have no issues, but when it comes to so called SEO experts, most don’t care just want your money then leave you without any way to get the sales or your target done.

This is no lie or joke when it comes to SEO most people do at best $1000 a month sales for 95% part of why if you look into SEO you will find out a giant amount have part-time jobs or full jobs nothing wrong with that but it does show you not a lot of people in reality do well it can be for many reasons such as lack of money, no time, busy with family, Busy with life in general.

When you try and pick someone to teach you to think about this where the success coming from?

This is really big mistake people do often in 95% of the times the wealthiest people or best so-called online business people will have wealthy parents or affluent family members so they can’t fail more less since they parents don’t run out of money for the kids to invest in things so if you pick someone like that then you can’t do what she does unless you get the same salary as her to invest so can’t work here

You need to find out what is causing the success here?

  • Money from parents
  • Money from another business
  • Money from another job
  • Own intelligence
  • Own connections

If the first three are applied to the person, then you want to teach you, then it will not work unless you can do that as well.

The final two is the ones you want to use since if that is the case then you can probably do it as well since you learn from them and you can also possibly get their connections or learn how to get your own ones.

I have the desire to follow wrong person then go into debt or lose money I want this article to education you or help you since in the SEO area it has a lot of fakes and general liars and when you take out the parents without wealthy parents the area is very bare. I can only name around 10 SEO who do really well without productive family members when you include that into the SEO idea of the whole guarantee money you start to learn it’s not being busy person or lazy for a lot of it’s just down to the money you can get for it being able to work or not overall.

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