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Want to guest post yourself for success?

Let me first of explaining the title which may confuse some of you. Guest post if done right can be a powerful way to increase your traffic and rankings and sales from Google but here is what most people do wrong they go onto different sites buy guest posts when in reality there low quality pbns very is a big problem when it’s comes to buying these things which is why many people who run into problems at most tiny rankings boost so they now believe all GP suck when in reality just down to poor links they bought or got .

The big difference with a Guest post by Dennis services come from sites with


  • Real traffic
  • Real Authority
  • Rank for keywords in Google or other search engines
  • Support if you have any problems
  • Built working relationships between Hamming and the site owners
  • See Metrics such as TF,Cflow,DR,RF,Traffic,indexed,Ratings,Public,Safe and price
  • Supply your own article if you want to or they can make one for you
  • Most Niches coveres
  • Growing ranges Backlink sources
  • Guest post prices
  • Once you pay all the work done for you
  • One of payment

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What is a Link insertions?

What this means is when you receive a link or post an article which was already done such as one done 6 months ago you maybe be wondering why is good or better than a Guest post well the reason for why comes here since it has age and has already been indexed Google can see this as more authority than standard guest post it will often backlinks attached to it meaning it will be more likely to rank for keywords already and have possibility traffic going to such as say for example 1000 a month going to it. Links from this will generally index faster than a new post because it has always been indexed and for the reasons of why I mentioned before in this paragraph. Another word you may have heard of for this is called Niche Edits the reason for why this called this is because when get a Niche Edit of a site you pick one which is the same Niche as your site and you make a small edit to the post where you add in more content such as an extra say a 50 words then include a link back to your site to make it look more natural to Google. Insertions can also give you more trust in the Search engines eyes because this now looks like your site of high value for why you received a backlink of a site which already ranks for different keyword phrases and has age behind the post as well.

Managed SEO

The advantage of this can be very big here since you don’t have to worry about picking a site yourself on the grounds you may not have the experience to do it yourself or simply no time which means they will pick for you best link for your niche  or the one which makes most sense for you to receive a link of as such you may find from having this done instead of you expecting to go up from say page 3 to page 2 you go all the way up to page 1 of Google because you got a link more powerful now meaning your online business has more authority allowing you now to rank more easy for higher competitive keywords.


What have been are results from this service?

Found within 1 week are rankings went up for one of our sites by 50 keyword spaces for fairly competitive keywords with us only spending $60 to get this result of them and part of what we liked a lot from this service as we had no problems since in the past we tried other businesses and the results were poor since were so hard to deal with the other business support team and also the group tried to sell us a pbn instead of Insertion which is why Hamming is the only provider of guest posts we will openly recommend to our clients or are friends alike since the services we service good quality from the start to the finish.

Standard Standard
Most popular choice
$120 per Guest post

$160 per Guest post

$240 per Guest post
DR 30+ Sites
250 RF Domains
2500+ website traffic a month
DR 45+ Sites
500 RF Domains
5000+ Website traffic a month
DR 60+ Sites
1000+RF Domains
10,000+ Website Traffic a month
6 PBN links included in this service

They run a Facebook group part of what makes this one of my favorite groups is most in the group have been doing SEO for a few years so have often good knowledge to discuss things with you or help you if you ever needed this plus they also test results of SEO programs or different services they have used so if it was bad you could use this as a guide for why not to use it but if it was good then use this as a way to tell you if it’s good quality.

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