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DISC itself covers 4 main areas of Dominance,Influence,Conscientiousness, Steadness.

D=Domiance ,Aggressive,Direct ,competitive, Influence= enthusiasm,spontaneous,optimistic, Conscientiousness=accurate,aystematic,organized, steadiness=loyal,peaceful , patient,.
Management course mindset 
Disc piechart



  • Maybe limited by lack of concern for other people and having an often impatient problem and open to skepticism
  • May suffer from fear of seeming weak for why they act aggressively most of the time
  •  Values competency, action taking results, personal freedom, challenges
  • Speak fast
  • Don’t like to waste time
  • Written first and no names giving since don’t like to have personal  working relationships
  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Self-driving
  • Motivated by winning against competitors or competitions
  • Wants to accept challenges and take actions to achieve immediate results and direct in how they speak to people or do tasks.

Goals include

  1. Unique accomplishments
  2. New Opportunities
  3. Control of the audience
  4. freedom to do what they want in life

Problem areas

  • Show Patience
  • Display care
  • Get into large talks about areas they don’t care about
  • Careful about having long talks about areas which hold no interest to them

The best approach to dealing with D’s talks exactly what you want to tell them by giving them a direct area of what’s about quick and don’t repeat yourself and try and give answers to problems instead of providing problems.

A good example would be to close my dream client I need to call this exact name of Ricky Jones at 6 pm today so on the dot the task on hand.  Can be classed as a demanding and forceful person and fast-paced person. Maybe limited by

I speak fast and tells long and detailed stories and love stories. Written names always and make things in a personal sense and have a large footer with lots of possible ways of communication.

C has soft speaking voice plus a long detailed very opinionated way to communicate.

S Speaks softly shy when first met but loves to talk with care and honesty. Names always personal first.


Persons with the styles of I place great importance on changing the minds of other people

Person with an I style

  1. Is convincing to make other people do something. Draw many people or friends towards by there personalities.Friendly and trusting approach to work.
  2. prefers taking action,working with oithers and expression a positive personality to the task on hand
  3. Motivated by receiving social approval by others such as group activities
  4. Maybe scared of losing the approval of others or being ignored
  5. Values coaching of people and freedom to express themselves and having democratic relationships.
  6. May suffer from being limited by doing things on impulsive meaning lack of thoughts can happen for tasks and having a lack of follow through

People with S Style place special importance on working with others to complete a task.

  •  Motivated by having cooperation take place between them and other people and prefer to do opportunities to give them appreciation from others.
  • Gives a special prioritize towards giving support and help other people to help maintain a stable working relationship
  • Classed by many as calm and relaxed person who is easy to work out what they will do next and  stay on the balanced line
  • Can be limited by not being able to make decisions easy  and trying to make everyone happy and prefer to avoid changes
  • Maybe scared of change over lack of stablity and the possibly of upsetting another person
  • Thinks highly of loyality and helping people to complete different jobs and prefer to have security in the sense they will keep there job for a long time period .


  1.  Want to have personal achievements done
  2. Have respect from all the other group members
  3. Want to have a power through the formal routes and positions of authority.
  4. Want to main Status quo meaning the current conditions which happen will stay like this .

Will need more focus too@

  • Able to adapt to changes or anything unclear
  • Be able to work on more than one task throughout the day or work period
  • Promote other people instead of  just themselves all the time
  • Be able to say to someone else when a problem happens such as say this work with someone who always late tells them about this problem.

The main things to remember when talking to S people is try and be personal and polite and show you have an interest in them and how you want from them but never to aggressive since if you do this can scare them or make them uncomfortable.

People with C mindset place an emphasis on working in a conscient way within the current circumstances around them to try there best to make sure premium quality happens and accuracy in strong here

A with a C mindset


  • Is motivated by the chance to gain new knowledge and show of their skills to make great work take place
  • Focussed on making sure accuracy is happening as much as possible while maintainingthe solid structure of events overcoming challenges
  • The main task is ensuring the correct things are done
  • May be limited by a overcrital mind for when they do things themselves caused by them over thinking ideas or what they do in phyical which means they insolate themselves
  • May fear Criticism and being wrong
  • Prefer quality and accuracy as much as possible





  • objective processes
  • correctness
  • stability and reliability
  • gaining knowledge and expertise
  • personal growth

Will need to expend more energy to:

  • let go of and delegate tasks
  • compromise for the good of the team
  • join in social events and celebrations
  • make quick decisions

When communicating with a C-style individual, focus on facts and details; minimize “pep talk” or emotional language; be patient, persistent, and diplomatic.



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