Basic of SEO rankings


How do we do SEO right? First, a step we need to do Keyword Research, and you may ask how to do we do this right? The best way is to pick a keyword and put into Google if you see a lot of high authority sites on the first page of Google you will not be able to beat it unless you have lot’s of money if you don’t have lot’s of money all you do is this keep typing keywords into Google until you find one without any big competition on the first page of the search engine next step put the top site into Majestic to check it’s backlinks if you only find say 500 backlinks it’s probably a weak site as long as none of these sites have 50TF or more on the backlinks .

Step two build your actual website make sure you have at least 300-word Articles includes lots of pictures. You should if it’s WordPress includes the following plugins of Comet Cache to improve speed. Autoptimize is a plugin designed to improve the coding of a site improving your site load times. AMP Supremacy it turns your site into full AMP case you don’t know search engines and website owners, in general, wants faster load times and this was what AMP was made for to give us all a lot faster load time and Google itself has said that AMP will be a ranking factor now.

Imagify is a strong software for compressing your photos since if you don’t do this, your speed can easy go as high 5 seconds or more but after you use it will probably go down to around 2 seconds load time.
WP-smush is the most common photo compression in WP sites overall it helps as well to make photos take up less memory on your server.

WP Tao allows use to get a good idea of how much traffic comes to our site so it is a good thing to have to see how many traffic we get to a site a day or a month so we can work to improve the amount often.

Yoast SEO this is the most common SEO plugin overall you can do many things with it such as make sitemaps but the main thing I use it for is metatags you may not know this but having the right metags increases your click rate when people find your site on Search engines you having the right one is very important overall.

Schema App Structured Data
You may wonder what actually is Schema will simply it allows Search engines to know what your site is about as such Google can rank your site better for key areas since now understand fully what your site is meant to be about and you can put in Schema manual but for me doing this if you have many sites can be time-consuming for why I use this plugin for it.

Super Socializer is all about getting social shares you may tell me this does not improve your rankings wrong it does since search engines see this is ranking improvement since shows your site is more popular and can help you get your site out of the sandbox as well so use this well.

What theme do we need?
Well here the honest truth all you need is one that loads fast you can easy yourself make it look pretty by adding in content and photos and videos as long as you get this you can get good speed from it and workout well since if you pick a slow theme and keep using it management of it will turn into full-time job very fast.

Step 3 building the social channels
If your site is new first step up your social channels on
Twitter, facebook photo – Basic Of SEO Rankings
You can use more than these, but these are main ones you should use since these places can give you powerful traffic Facebook and youtube was always best for me

Step 4 building the backlinks

You need when a site is first to build to do things slow to start with so first get some directory links around 50 in your first month you can do more SEO work if you want in this month or leave it like that for now.

Next on Month 2 you can be a bit more aggressive and get other kinds of links such as Infographic, Social bookmarking but the strongest ones will be PBN links or Guest posting overall you can get them though buying them or getting them who email marketing for the guest post ones these can easy give you traffic day such as 1000 from a link or more less depending on the popularity of the site.

Basic Of SEO Rankings

Step 5 Getting out the sandbox?

this can be tough time for people since this can last anything from 1 day time to 6 months if the random ranking factor happens which means Google for whatever reasons stops you ranking Don’t get give up just keep working until you make it but doing social media work is very important here since they monitor it closely to allow you out of this condition so keep getting likes and shares and retweets often until you leave it


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