How can we plan for SEO events?

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Here what you need to do it right

1.lot’s of content you should aim for articles of at least 1000 words with pictures in them
2.Strong Facebook pages
3.start the event at least three months before it starts I would actually recommend six months, so the sandbox affect does not slow you down
4.Be able to work hard doing it don’t make one article then decide let’s stop now
5.Strong Server
6.if you are going after big event unless you have server which costs you around $100 a month then put your site on blogger so no down time because of the server breaking because of to much stress
7. The link building method for event blogging very different to regular since you can be a lot more aggressive with link building than normal and in most cases not get a Google Slab on a site but still start slow to steady when the site just built
What mistakes do people make when doing this?

1. Too lazy to do the work required to get the rankings or traffic
2.put sites on weak servers
3.Don’t do lots of articles
4.don’t upload many photos
5.start day before the event start or very soon to the start date
6.don’t make articles 1000 words or more
7. Go on Fiverr by of someone today 1000 backlinks which in most cases they will be terrible quality and get your site disindexed or no rank improvements
8.Keyword Stuff this means you put your keyword in your metag or H1 many times I have seen one site in modern times do well from this, but I would recommend you don’t do since it will most likely get your site a Google penalty this was popular method for Google a few years ago
9.Boring sites
10.Slow speeds so it takes like 5 minutes to load each page
You can do social sharing manually, or you can use or buffer or jetpack and many other programs any can work well enough overall, but you need to get involved in the event a lot and make sure you get a strong force of traffic from the event so in general the more blogs you make, the better for it.

You may think, but I need top rankings to get paid from each event? No you can easy still get paid big money if you use social media right in general you need to make as much effort on your social channels during the events as popular so you get good pay out from this you can even if you feel up to make say 5 Facebook pages this approach can get you more traffic and more money a month I have done this kind of thing before with good results it means you will get 5 pages sending your event traffic most events, in general, last 2 to 3 days , so this means you will need maximum traffic from this time periods and once the event is over you can still get paid for it I am from event still and that event ended 8 months ago




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