How many links to the top of google?

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You probably asked this question or been asked this before?

Well the simple way for you to workout this is to checkout who is the top of the search engines for the keyword you picked to say the other site has 10,000 links this means you need 10,010 links of the same form to beat your competition or you could beat this person with fewer links say 300 high quality links high-quality links can easy be worth 1000 low-quality links or more links.

What are actually high-quality links?

these come from sites with real traffic or real good quality backlinks this could be or these sites all contain serious high authority for why these links can sell for fairly big money such as a Forbes link can cost between $500-$800 a link this may sound a lot of money but if you see how much of rank-boosting you can get from it or extra traffic you will find out it’s actually worth this amount of money

How can you get Apple backlink?

You can get it though fixing a problem such as you see if Apple got a virus put on the site you could tell Apple of this then get a free link or you could notice a problem with one of there pages sending somewhere if you were wondering the sort of cost of this link you would need to pay $100,000 a month rent cost this way sound way too high Apple is within the top 100 sites in the world so has serious high authority links so does actually equal that sort of wealth.

How can you get guest post yourself whitehat method?

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You can actually get this though making a high-quality article say 5000 words then approaching some different sites and asking for a link back to your site some will say yes and some will charge money for it so it’s down to you to pay or not pay depending on your needs or you can pay someone to get guest posts for you.

Private Blog Network

These are links which people sell of there own private sites which they use to rank up there own sites or client sites you can get them for a one of payment or a monthly fee depending on who you buy from each time.


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