How can I increase traffic to my money sites or pbns each month?

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Well, let me make it really easy and simple for you.

Step 1 make lot’s lots articles and upload good quality photos and videos as much as possible on articles to create excitement.

Step 2 Buy so you can use this to do all the hard lifting for you so you can post very fast though doing so little work.

Step 3

Connect are social channels that are pretty easy just log into your accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Gmail and you are ready for action now.

Step 4

Decide what photo you want with it.

Step 5

Put an interesting line with it please note for Twitter you have less space so aim for a short one sentence line as much as possible you can put in short-term English or your own language to make it shorter if you need it as well.

Step 6

checkout though which of your posts get best results than when you find out do this style of posts more often to get better traffic and sales a week

Step 7 how much traffic can we actually get from this? To be honest no limit more less since all these social sites have giant traffic sources for me I find my traffic keeps going up and up each time, I use it more so you could easy bring a site from the sandbox stage of Google up to 10,000 traffic a month if you post enough times but please note high quality not pure rubbish or low quality blogs

Let me tell you little secret about me which Google and other people don’t want you to know my best article I did in my thoughts was my 50 word paragraph I got around 10,000 over 2 days though social media one of the guys in SEO group got so annoyed over it he then removed my post from it even oo I could not make any money form it since I was selling to purely British people more less and all in his group were Americans for most them so chance of making money from it more less zero now you may think “Hi wait you need over 3000 words to get good traffic?” no you can get good quality traffic for a blog being any length in the world more less you need to help someone for it to be good blog or funny or interesting if it’s one or more of these then you done a great blog fact

What makes a good picture or photo?

To be honest, it’s just something which creates excitement or makes you feel emotions if you can get your photos doing this you should find you get more traffic and better sales to your site month.

How long should a video be?

Well to be honest you should try and aim for minimum of 2 minutes as much as possible for limit of it to be honest as long as it stays interesting no real limit to but if it’s an educational video try and aim for a much of 30 minutes since most people find 30 minutes of learning is the best rate to learn rather than a long 4 hour training video since we learn best in bite-sized content .


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