How many plugins do you need on a wordpress site?

Many people go crazy and install like 50-100 on a small site then get confused why their sites shutdown or the server stops working all plugins take up the power of your server and in a lot of cases you don’t need have the ones you install.

On £5-£10 aim for maximum of 20 plugins a site this may seem not many to you but to be honest you honestly don’t need many you should just need one to give you speed such as cache called Comet and Autoptimize what this does is sort out the codes on your site to make it loads faster for you overall this is probably the world most common plugin since speed is an important ranking factor in Google and think about sites like this the longer someone waits to go on your site the more likely the other person is to leave your site and never go back Amazon worked out before if you even save half a second for speed you can make an extra million sales
How Many Plugins Do You Need On A WordPress Site?

WP Smush Is the most common photo compression software in the world what this does is make your photos smaller so take up less power from your server but this does not make your photos look bad quality or worse than

before they look the same you can use the free one of this plugin which should be good enough for you or you can buy the premium Smush it gives you around 2% extra compression so it can give you better speeds on big sites it’s more important.




Antispam Bee

On WordPress sites spam can become a nightmare and have to delete it yourself can easy turn into a full-time job so just install this anti-spam tool and watch your spam more less never come back to your site it is the best I have ever used and I have had zero problems with it so you can rest assured you will have no problems in most cases yourself

Yoast SEO

ps just before I start I am not going to get into the big debate many people have over Yoast SEO, and it’s competition both can be equally good just depends on what you need and want.

The main thing I use this for is metatags which do not directly help you ranking according to Google, but I do believe it does since think about say you were looking for buying a dog and you saw metag on dog website saying” old fashioned cars for sale?” would this interest you? I suspect no mean you would not click the site to try and make it relate to what you are trying to rank for each time and it can help you rank up on Google month.

As you can probably tell, I only said five plugins here to you so a lot less than I recommend as the max for a site, so I am showing it’s very easy to do this as well with you having the bit of self-control each time for your sites.


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