How do you build pbns right?

Most people do it wrong let me cover these firstSEO Yoast

  1. find cheap low-quality domains with no high-quality backlinks attached say 20,000 GSA links attached to it so not worth anything for improving rankings
  2.  find a good quality  pbn domain but make the site look terrible by giving  a terrible design
  3. lack of content so easy to tell it’s a pbn so getting disindexed normally quite fast.
  4. Don’t use social media right
  5. Brag about how good one person pbns which can easy annoy people making them go and report your pbns and there is a bot which does this as well
  6. Don’t update it often

when you get domains you have 2 choices either buy them or find yourself it’s full your choice but please remember if you are paying $5 a domain most will be probably poor quality you need to spend at least $20 for pbn site so it should contain some good quality links such as or or any other good quality backlink you should get a few for $20 but the rest should be okay quality links not fully high quality but ones which would still take a bit of work to get you experience within 1 week after the site indexed a ranking improvement from it you should notice if you get that you know it’s good quality one

How can we overcome this problem very simple you need high-quality theme,good quality plugins make sure every one of your pages or posts contain a minimum of 2 photos a page or post always make sure all your articles at least 500 words and make sure it looks good quality articles not looks like it made by a drunk money since that is given away to Google it’s a pbn and give way if they think it’s a money site it’s not good one so you will experience a ranking loss if they check it themselves you can do it yourself or hire a professional web designer. You can make in WordPress,Joomla,HTML or another style if you want no problems in doing on WordPress styles

You need to aim for articles that are in most cases 1000 word articles or 2 500 word articles a week as minimum which a lot of people don’t do well since it’s normally fairly expensive doing this each week and time consuming if you can do this Google will believe this is a real money site and your site should not get disindexed

So many ways you can do this but the easiest way to do this is normally though programs like buffer so all your social channels are connected so whenever you do article you get social signals from Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr,Youtube ,Pinterest or Instagram you can easy use more than this but this good stepping stone what can actually happen is people believe your site is real site since you get social shares and social likes and fair amount of people turn pbns into actual money sites because they get success from doing this just post as often as you can to get more social traffic

Never become so bigheaded you annoy the other SEO people be nice and not overconfident and not be rude, or your site could easy get reported if you annoy enough SEO just be friendly most of the time to stop that happening

You need to update your pbn at least once a week I would recommend more, but this is the minimum you can do overall the more you update it, the better overall for getting you more traffic a week.

Should you hide your pbns from ahrefs and Moz and other programs, to be honest, both people claim both are the best no one can fully say what is better or worse overall but for me I think it’s better for people to find your site, so you get paid money for it such as Adsense money from it each month

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