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A man walks into a bar and notices a glass jar filled to the brim with $20 bills. He asks the bartender what the jar is for and he replies “It’s a challenge – it’s twenty bucks to try, and whoever can complete the challenge gets the money in the jar. No one has successfully completed it yet.” “What is the challenge?” the man asks. “First, you have to drink a bottle of fire vodka, and do so without crying. Then, you have to take an infected tooth from a vicious attack dog, and lastly, you have to give the 95 year old ex-nun who lives upstairs the time of her life in bed.” The man thinks about it. After a few drinks he decides to do it. With tears running down his face, he manages to drink the fire vodka. Next, he goes out into the back where the vicious attack dog lives. Everyone in the bar hears growling, moaning, and the dog yelping and simpering. After half an hour, the man stumbles back in, shirt torn and bloody, and slurs “Whereis the95 year old-nun with the sore toooth?”

Remember, Google has a product, the information it serves and if that information is no good then Google has no value. Google wants better websites and gets them from SEO professionals.

Ecommerce SEO: Black Hat Tactics That Are Not Black Hat

If your target keyword is, “Content Marketing,” and the link reads as Content Marketing, then you are using exact match anchor text. Linking the full article title on the other hand is not.

gray hat seo | My List of Best SEO Sites

Grey hat marketing is a combination of commonly accepted SEO techniques, such as paying someone to write an article for your website, and banned practices known as “black hat marketing,” such as hiding keywords in a page by making them the same color as the background. One common grey hat marketing technique is to “linkbait.” Linkbaiting occurs when you write a tailor-made article in order for social bookmarking sites to link to your site. You can also pay popular social media sites to link to your site. As more sites link to your site, search engines raise your site’s ranking.

Grey Hat SEO - The Blast From Supremacy SEO

Say goodbye to Google: 14 alternative search engines Say goodbye to Google with these 14 alternative search engines, covering everything from information, images, videos, facts and stats. Oh and Gifs.

And if you make small changes too often, Google might see it as suspicious activity and penalize you. It’s also not 100% guaranteed, so there’s some risk here.

Let’s Discover Together ASL Discoveries is a well known company that utilizes American Sign Language (ASL) to all who are interested in learning! Active participation is a must when discovering this beautiful, visual language! Our team consists of experienced and trained professionals who specialize in working with various populations. We use original content that is educationally driven to engage and entertain children and those alike. We also offer classes to the more mature individuals who are simply interested in learning ASL as another language or for functional purposes! Classes take place in a comfortable environment of your choice to explore and discover each other’s communication abilities. This could be in your home or your facility. Our team will prepare fun-filled, creative activities to begin the discoveries. Together we will enjoy and partake in the fun, all while building an unforgettable bond. Hosting an ASL Discoveries class is a great way to intermingle with others. Our classes also grant you the opportunity to learn useful techniques to continue the building and growing. We take pride in our class preparation and hope to share this wonderful journey of discovery with you. Let the discovering begin!

There have been a lot of scare stories relating to guest posting and if this constitutes buying links, but if no cash is exchanged, then this is irrelevant. However, links can be exchanged for sponsorship of events (for example) and this is OK too.

Providing pages with proper titles and Meta data is vital in SEO. Previously, Meta description and Meta keywords elements were so misused that Search Engines now regard them as less important. They are still useful if used properly. Title of anything is an acknowledgment as to what the content might be, so make sure that you use true representation of your page content. HTML optimization and Effective Keyword Use Create your website with appropriate keywords and key phrases. Use those keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively throughout your website. Which are:

Endeavoring into black hat SEO is dangerous, and it will most likely end with your website being banned from search engines altogether. White hat SEO tactics have a better impact and tell search engines that you mean business in a professional way. What one should also remember is that paid links are also included into search engine’s no-go SEO tactics. If a search engine finds out you have purchased a link, your site could potentially be banned from indexing as well.

Many website owners disagree about what is the best way to perfect their website’s SEO. It all comes down to a strategy decision that could affect your website’s longevity and reputation. Some people believe that in order to succeed, you need to apply grey or even black hat SEO tactics. However, white hat SEO optimizers have a different opinion. White hat SEO tactics are always going to give you the most long term effects, and plenty of studies have shown that.

When it comes to the crunch, whether gray hat methods are used is up to the individual. However, if they are going to be used it has to be hoped that the SEO practitioner is very skilled. Even then, there’s risk involved, so in order to be absolutely safe in the knowledge that a site won’t be penalized, it’s best to stick to white hat practices.

@Alexey – Nice pick up on I had never even seen that nifty (yeah, I just used the word, “nifty”) little JQuery slider they’re using to hide a crapload of content and keywords. My guess is their “Popular Search Phrases” would get a lesser brand banned/penalized. Reply

Kerry Butters (2 years ago) Reply Hi Brad, thanks for reading. I agree, I think it’s wise to avoid any technique that could be considered grey or black hat, just not worth it.

It is what its name suggests. It’s somewhere in the middle of white and black and if used by a professional, can still be effective. However, it’s safe to say that taking a grey hat approach is playing with fire if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing and since we’re predominantly content-led now, it’s not something I would recommend.

Apparently, if you didn’t done something horrible before the update then there would be nothing to worry about. If you have noticed some disturbances in your current ranking keywords do not be one sided and put all the blame to the hummingbird update. There may be minor and major updates aside from Hummingbird which started several months ago that’s now taking its toll. The Hummingbird update, like any other Google update’s purpose, was to give searchers the best results in their questions. Since it’s new for SEO’s, it could be like the ‘sword of Damocles’. While everyone is trying hard to figure out what will the Hummingbird do, the concept of quality content has never been ridden out by specialists. Eventhough SEO’s are submitted to change, several practitioners remain doing what they have been doing while they wait for more physical results.

Anish I love the way you write your articles, especially this article explaining the nuances of SEO. I will implement some on my blog Quickprepper and see how this works out. Btw, I was inspired by you and created this blog, Wish me luck

Ok, now that you have your list, go and check out the competition. The easiest way that I know to check this out is simply to use SerpIQ. It will give you a nice little “competition score” to let you know more or less how easy the competition is.

However, you can get other tools that auto-follow and unfollow 1000s of social media users without you lifting a finger for as little as a fiver for 5000. This is one of the few here that can be called strictly grey hat as it’s not made it to Google’s blacklist yet, possibly as social signals are only just becoming important to search engines.

Hey Christy, While this post is old, I actually know several domain authority 70+ sites where all of these still work. However, they probably wouldn’t do much for a new or a lower authority site. -Peter Reply

Recently everyone has been talking primarily about content marketing and pearly white hat techniques. While I do think these methods are the safest route to take, they’re not the only ones that work. It’s important to know about various practices, even ones you don’t intend on ever using. You can gain insight into what your competitors are doing, get a better understanding of how the algorithm works, and learn how to fix issues if someone comes to you from a previous search marketing agency.

About Neil PatelHe is a New York Times best selling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.Who is Neil Patel?

In August 2013 Khalil Shreateh, an unemployed computer security researcher, hacked the Facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, in order to force action to correct a bug he discovered which allowed him to post to any user’s page without their consent. He had tried repeatedly to inform Facebook of this bug only to be told by Facebook that the issue was not a bug. After this incident, Facebook corrected this vulnerability which could have been a powerful weapon in the hands of professional spammers. Shreateh was not compensated by Facebook’s White Hat program because he violated their policies making this a grey hat incident.

The ClickMinded SEO Training Course and ClickMinded SEO Certification have become bigger than I ever thought they would. I started fully committing myself to search engine optimization in 2009, while I was living in Taiwan, working on a startup with a friend of mine. I spent about a year teaching myself SEO and SEM. It was one of the geekiest and most fun projects I had ever worked on. Looking back, that time in my life was so fundamentally important to where I am today, because it laid the foundation for everything I know about Internet marketing.

For examples of common White and Black Hat strategy, check out PushOn’s article on the top 5 white hat and black hat search optimization techniques. Please feel free to contribute any discussion of how white, black, or grey SEO has worked for you in a comment below.

The cause-and-effect of this small test reaffirms why I don’t necessarily believe in “Negative SEO” (the act of pointing low quality links to competitor sites in order to trigger a ranking penalty). I think spammy links can still add value to your rankings, and are more likely to help your competitors rather than hurt them. There’s also the new Google Webmaster Disavow Tool, which you can use to negate the effects of any spammy links if they do actually hurt you.

This is akin to blowing up the sidewalk outside your competitors real world brick and mortar, but others see it as all part of the search game. Where you stand is all a matter of your ethics, but beware, some of it is highly illegal and could land you in jail if discovered.

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