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As you can see, I’ve taken the first paragraph and put it into a spinner and it really doesn’t do the job, does it? In fact, it’s laughable. It’s also something that Google algorithms would recognize and push down the rankings due to grammatical errors.

Grey Hat SEO - The Blast From Supremacy SEO

In 2002, however, the Anti-Sec community published use of the term to refer to people who work in the security industry by day, but engage in black hat activities by night. The irony was that for black hats, this interpretation was seen as a derogatory term; whereas amongst white hats it was a term that lent a sense of popular notoriety.

Grey Hat SEO: Which tactic is riskiest? | Didit –Articles - SEO ...

Hey Ray, Personally, I think if the content isn’t providing useful information to visitors, then it shouldn’t be there. However, if you’re going to hide content behind tabs, make sure it’s as different as possible. You don’t want to put the same content on two pages let alone 20. -Peter Reply

Moz claims that small changes, like changing a single sentence, won’t count. But James Sun of Netotraffic has had success with making slight changes to fonts, text, and even in the navigation bars.

SEO Strategies for Ranking Higher

Content, content. It’s the kingpin of the internet and all SEO efforts. We mentioned text spinners before and whilst a small proportion of these can be effective, it’s still a very dodgy idea to use them. To illustrate, I’m going to take some of the text from this article and put it into a free, online text spinner to show you the results.

Bottom of the page humor A man walks into a bar and notices a glass jar filled to the brim with $20 bills. He asks the bartender what the jar is for and he replies “It’s a challenge – it’s twenty bucks to try, and whoever can complete the challenge gets the money in the jar. No one has successfully completed it yet.” “What is the challenge?” the man asks. “First, you have to drink a bottle of fire vodka, and do so without crying. Then, you have to take an infected tooth from a vicious attack dog, and lastly, you have to give the 95 year old ex-nun who lives upstairs the time of her life in bed.” The man thinks about it. After a few drinks he decides to do it. With tears running down his face, he manages to drink the fire vodka. Next, he goes out into the back where the vicious attack dog lives. Everyone in the bar hears growling, moaning, and the dog yelping and simpering. After half an hour, the man stumbles back in, shirt torn and bloody, and slurs “Whereis the95 year old-nun with the sore toooth?” Next One

In this website, we will be discussing topics regarding the cores of SEO and the best practices and strategies of the post Panda and Penguin era. There are a lot of people who practice search engine optimization. Others use it as an arsenal for their personal websites while most of the search engine optimizers study and practice SEO for getting a decent salary from online businesses. SEO is much more of a sector in the internet world. It’s some kind of a business inside the internet marketing region. Digital marketing strategists and practitioners all over the world like do some quirky stuff on how to improve Google ranking, SEO services on how to increase website traffic using different methods and strategies with their SEO quotes. All search engine experts are usually driven by motives and ideologies. Ideologically speaking, SEO is divided into three parts: White hat  Gray Hat  Black Hat  These practices will be tackled down into a more intricate level within this site.

Afroz SiddiquiDecember 3rd, 2014White means doing SEO Techniques conforming to the quality SEO guidelines recommended by search engines.Gray Hat SEO is all about risk versus reward. Some Gray Hat techniques may be frowned by the search engines, but are not necessarily against their rules, while other techniques may be more risky and should be used only after careful consideration.Black hat SEO is used by people trying to cheat search engines and soon or later they are penlized. So if you want your site to be ok in the future – don’t use Black Hat SEO at all.

Doorway pages can also be considered a form of cloaking and are large sets of pages which are each optimised for a keyword or phrase in order to direct the user to one site. Again, they are designed to manipulate bots and trick users into visiting a site they didn’t intend to. These can also be multiple pages on the same site that have keywords such as locations, so that the site can take advantage of as many keywords as possible.

Many website owners disagree about what is the best way to perfect their website’s SEO. It all comes down to a strategy decision that could affect your website’s longevity and reputation. Some people believe that in order to succeed, you need to apply grey or even black hat SEO tactics. However, white hat SEO optimizers have a different opinion. White hat SEO tactics are always going to give you the most long term effects, and plenty of studies have shown that.

This is another sneaky one that can be done various ways. Most commonly, it’s done through a separate tab like the cloaking content mentioned above. For example, you can do a “more services” tab and link to several of your own pages. However, you can take this one step further and turn selections, such as drop down menus, into links. This way the serve a functional purpose and don’t look like links, but they will still pass juice.

To begin with, whilst grey hat techniques can give a site a slight edge over those that utilize white hat only, there’s risk involved. Gray hat SEO breaks the rules and whilst it may not be obvious to Google, there remains a risk that competitor sites may recognize and report the use of it.

Nice work on the post Peter. In your point about not putting keyword pages in the nav, if, for example, you were working on a Phoenix lawyer website would you recommend pages such as “Glendale Lawyer” targeting each of the individual communities around the larger city but don’t put the links to these pages in the nav? Thanks. Reply

So for example, if pure gray hat you might build links to your site through link distribution methods, but never would you purchase links directly from a link seller. Or you would write content is great quantities, knowing it isn’t perfectly relevant, but making sure it is of some quality, relevance, and substance, but you would never use a content spinner.

Hey Christy, While this post is old, I actually know several domain authority 70+ sites where all of these still work. However, they probably wouldn’t do much for a new or a lower authority site. -Peter Reply

White Hat SEO refers to any practice that improves search performance on a search engine results page (SERP) while adhering to that search engine’s policies. In terms of Google, White Hat techniques follow their self-published guidelines. Some examples of White Hat tactics include using keywords, back-linking, link building, and writing content that focuses on relevancy, organic ranking and audience engagement.

Kerry Butters Editorial & SEO Director at MarkITWrite A prolific technology writer, Kerry is an authority in her field and produces content for a variety of high profile sites in her niche. Also a published author, Kerry is co-founder of digital content agency markITwrite, adores the written word and all things tech and internet related.

SEO techniques like black hat, white technique and gray hat have been used by years. All these SEO techniques and trick in any form of SEO hat bring both positive and negative effect for your website sites or blog. We will be describing SEO technique in more detail, so you would know when applying to your website and the possible impact or consequence of it.

Personally, I think if the content isn’t providing useful information to visitors, then it shouldn’t be there. However, if you’re going to hide content behind tabs, make sure it’s as different as possible. You don’t want to put the same content on two pages let alone 20.

Realistically all bloggers should be considered greyhat then, if creating pages for each keyword. I know most pages target 10-20 longtails and actually contain useful content (most of the time), but still the same principle.

I love the way you write your articles, especially this article explaining the nuances of SEO. I will implement some on my blog Quickprepper and see how this works out. Btw, I was inspired by you and created this blog, Wish me luck

I know all these questions have been addressed in this or that article, like in my discussion with Ken Krogue in his Forbes piece or in the latest letter by Senator John D. Rockefeller to Matt Cutts about SERPs and moving companies. Yet why is there so much confusion about search engine optimization? In an attempt to clear things up, let’s take a basic look at SEO ethics with some terms and definitions.

A proper understanding of Gray Hat SEO is important because it could improve your site’s ranking without negative consequences, or it could cost you thousands in lost traffic. Google’s best practices and conditions have the capacity to prohibit clever innovation and thinking outside the box. This prohibition isn’t automatically in the interest of search marketers or even the searchers themselves. What’s more, Gray Hat SEO changes periodically; what’s considered Gray Hat one year could be classified as Black or What Hat the following year, making it crucial for search marketers to stay informed of the latest categorizations.

Providing pages with proper titles and Meta data is vital in SEO. Previously, Meta description and Meta keywords elements were so misused that Search Engines now regard them as less important. They are still useful if used properly. Title of anything is an acknowledgment as to what the content might be, so make sure that you use true representation of your page content. HTML optimization and Effective Keyword Use Create your website with appropriate keywords and key phrases. Use those keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively throughout your website. Which are:

You don’t gain much by getting on Google’s bad side, and if you’re unsure if a given method is going to violate Google’s guidelines or not, it’s probably best to avoid that tactic. Every marketer needs to evaluate risk versus reward on their own terms, but with Google’s algorithms getting stricter and stricter all the time, your safest route as a business is going to be strictly white hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO tactics are disapproved practices that increase page rankings in a SERP by going against that search engine’s terms of service. Black Hat techniques range from keyword stuffing, using unrelated keywords in page content, and invisible text to doorway pages, page swapping, redirects and content automation.

There’s a fine line between ‘good’ gray hat practices and bad and as such, it’s always going to be a risk using it. In this age of social, it’s also tempting to use such practices for gaining a following by ‘buying’ likes.

This is similar to above, but with one big difference. The content isn’t visible when you first land on the page. Instead, you can put several tabs or a “more info” button which will show the content when clicked. This way robots will see the content (which is great for rankings), but users have to click to see it; allowing you to optimize for conversion instead. While this does seem like black hat cloaking, since the buttons are functional and the content isn’t fully hidden, it doesn’t break guidelines. However, It’s still a very sneaky and frowned upon tactic.



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