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Hello, Theres nothing about hiding Your PBN! I’ve got a 328 blogs withs few posts (30-50) linked between this blog. Also I’ve got it on one server so that’s the cheap trick and hidding it by setting for every site to block ahrefs and majestic SEO, setting different for every site server header and mask DNS for all sitest. Is a good choice?

Huy March 29, 2016 at 4:38 am Hey Daryl, Thank you for the great article. Just got a question about re-niching a domain. If a domain has a backlink profile of tech/computers. Would it be suspicious to google if i re-niche the whole thing to home/gardening? Reply

Perrin September 22, 2014 If I were Google, and I was going to go looking for PBNs, the first thing I’d do is look for websites built on expired domains. So it’s no surprising, and since this round of penalties, all expired domains carry a lot more risk.


stu September 23, 2014 To be honest public facing popular blogs that talk about tactics that game a companies system and rely on being a part of that system should stop talking. You probably don’t want to go back to a 9 to 5 Google crack down on people, they can. Its their product and if you use part of it you are liable to their terms. Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 Thanks for your concern about whether I have to go back to the corporate world

SEO is a means to an end, which is earn money for you or your client.Having said that, a PBN helps SEO for link building mainly, traffic, and maybe ranking. In my opinion that “help” will soon be invalid due to search engine’s changes. This will be specially true for Google’s algorithm that centers more on relevance added to the value of the author or source.Man, a PBN requires a lot of work to get to buy certain domains, populating it with content and specific design, and above all its maintenance, involves a lot of costs for hosting and other activities.In practical terms, if you would do that massive amount of job to set it up, it is better to manage one website with the best SEO available and complementing it with SEM, social media, branding, promotions, service centers, sales efforts, etc.There are no shortcuts, and SEO is built in long-term investment of connecting with robots but above all with people; so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel with each change Google brings, instead build-up all of your efforts intelligently on a solid base, in the end you are saving a lot of time and work.C @mexicousb643 Views · View Upvotes · Answer requested by Anthony Gonzales

Hi Daryl  Smith HNY to you. I’m new to website building and trying to rank one of my sites. and now I’ve been reading a lot on PBN’s, and your write up is one of the best I’ve read. Now I’ve had a look at an expired domain. D age 9 years CF 21 TF 24 DA 17 PA30 RD 22 BL 58 The site isn’t indexed, is it worth having just for the cost of registering the domain? will if have any juice? as it was last indexed in 2014 going from wayback machine Also if you have hostgator could they all be ok on the same sever? as it’s a shared server right? Thanks

For those who find setting up and managing a VPS too much of a challenge, you can go with shared hosting. However, I think it would be a good investment if you took the time to learn how to manage VPS hosting. I promise it is not too tough and definitely worth it in the long run.


Daryl November 8, 2016 at 1:49 am Either option, except the last one. Preferably rebuild the old URL structure with new content, so it’s not violating anyones copyright. Reply

But with bot blocking, you can completely hide your PBN sites from showing up in these tools. That means your competitors would have no idea how you are ranking, and never see your PBN sites.


How do you have so many Ips? Will my blogs get a unique IP? We use a CDN so your site will be dynamically assigned an IP from a pool of over 400,000 IP addresses across multiple Class A, B + C subnets, depending on network load and the requesting browser’s location. As your IP address is no longer static your site could be served from any one of these IPs at any time. Combined with the fact you are sharing a network with over 3 million high-quality websites, it becomes practically impossible to show that sites share a common ownership from hosting IP alone. What about IP reputation? Using a CDN also means you are using Ips with a much better reputation than when using competing services. Although some services rent space with higher quality hosts such as Rackspace, the individual IP addresses used still fill up with PBN sites. No matter how much care you take to make your domains look legit, the neighbourhood will go downhill as other less cautious SEOs pollute the IP’s reputation. On our service you are more likely to share IPs with government websites, not for profit organisations, sillicon valley startups and international super brands. What about nameservers, can they cause a footprint? For ease of use we provide nameservers from a service that currently hosts over half a million domains. The nameservers are randomly selected and come in an almost infinite number of combinations (eg ns233-domain.net and ns37978-domain.org ). We think this offers a good balance of convenience and security. The most popular nameservers on the planet belong to huge registrars such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions and eNom. If you’re still concerned that nameservers might constitute a footprint then we offer a CNAME solution to allow you to use your registrar’s own nameservers and hide amongst millions of other domains. Check your registrar’s docs to see how to set it up. Why don’t you offer WordPress as an option? WordPress is great for running websites, but needs constant attention and upgrades to avoid hacks, exploits and comment spam sinking your PBN sites. By offering an alternative, HTML based platform we can serve your content faster and offer greater security. Google loves fast sites, and we’ll feed them your links as fast as they can swallow them. Using HTML sites offers other advantages WordPress cannot. For instance, we make it simple to add a blog to an existing HTML website – and even to mimic its theme – so you can add your fresh content and links to archive sites while maintaining the old look and feel. HTML sites also offer a great degree of diversity to your link profile. WP may be the most popular CMS on the web, but 50% of websites use no identifiable platform at all. I already have lots of WordPress PBNs hosted elsewhere. Can I import them? Absolutely! We have a simple to use importer that will pull in all your posts, pages and images, and configure your domain automatically. There’s no charge to import your blogs. Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my account? As well as a no-quibbles 30 day money back guarantee, we also offer pro-rata refunds on any upgrades or downgrades. This means if you want to start with 40 blogs then grow you won’t lose out by upgrading. Likewise, if you want to test out our service before moving to a bigger account you can try a small package risk free with our money back guarantee, and not pay a penny extra when you decide to upgrade.

Mo June 22, 2016 at 4:09 pm Thanks for this Daryl. Signed up with ASmallOrange, HawkHost and it’s been a breeze. There’s something I just don’t like about HostGator though! I had a quick question which I would appreciate if you can help with… Can 1 PBN with a static front page and all posts displayed ( around 3000 words) have 2 links to 2 different inner pages of the money site? Thanks in advance Reply

Daryl Smith March 5, 2017 at 6:02 am Thanks for commenting Karen. It’s definitely a lot of work to build up and manage one on your own, but there’s also plenty of services that will do it for you, or more relevant for you – services that will rent you a link off of theirs. Reply

Daryl, you’re a life saver. I’ve subscribed to Source…blah, Dripppy…blah, and Backlink….o…blah, I don’t want to give them any mention love. They have all let me down big time with PBN setup so I can’t thank you enough. Want to ask your quick advice: I have one major client that I need to rank over 20 webpages for. Then I have 4 other much smaller clients that have under 10 webpages each to rank. Would you recommend I setup my PBNs as clusters on shared hosting or individual hosts? Obviously I want to get the most out of my PBNs but stay very very safe. Could you help me map this out or refer me to someone that I could have a 30 minute consultation with? I’m more than happy to pay for the setup advice because I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.

Hi Andy, Thanks for the comment. As long as they aren’t linking to the same sites, it doesn’t matter. Keep in mind: there is never a 100% “safe” strategy when using PBNs. No matter what lengths you go through to hide them

Jonathan September 23, 2014 Hi Spencer, Just a quick couple of questions: What precautions did you have in place to prevent detection of your PBNs? E.G. unique IPs/nameservers/SOA records/Themes/unique content etc? Would you think that building out a site to look relatively normal in the eyes a person or Google will prevent these things happening in the future? Not just blog posts? Jonathan Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 All of the above that you mentioned. I honestly don’t care at this point what may or may not work with PBNs…I’m not playing in the playground anymore. I’m moving onto the big boy toys (outreach, natural links, etc). John September 23, 2014 Best approach long term. There’s no such thing as a short cut with SEO (for the duration)

Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 You are also missing the point. Rather than spending all your time, money, and energy creating a PBN that might work; its a much smarter strategy to take that time, money, and energy and invest in a real business that google actually likes.

What you are doing here is creating a natural linking pattern, not always using the same anchor text. But while being natural, you are still highly relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for.

So, if you are looking to use SEO as a way to make quick money, you are going to be sorely disappointed.  Getting natural traffic from Google is now probably one of the slowest possible ways to build a business.  The potential is still huge for SEO, but you need a much longer timeline to make it happen.

Hey Paul, thanks for the comment. Yes, a person would have to manage the PBN sites. SO do you maintain/visit your PBN with the same ip, everytime? I would expect that to be the case…yes. Is there any way to avoid THAT footprint? Yes, you could get ip proxies to use. Basically, you could get access to servers which you can orinate from. I have to ask though…who do you think will be monitoring you at that level? Certainly not Google since that would probably violating some laws. You can use another browser aside from Chrome if it concerns you. If you have 100 or 1000 domains, maybe you should watch out, but an average person with 10 domains is a drop in the ocean.


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