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It may take time for you to find the perfect specialist for your PBN setup project. However, once you get started, you will be amazed by what a great PBN network can do for your website. You will start to see a huge increase in traffic and views. This makes investing in a PBN a great choice.

Relentless September 23, 2014 Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, of course you have the right to share your own opinion on your own blog. I’m just saying… This occurrence should not deter any newcomers that may be reading this from trying out these strategies to see what works for them. I know how it is to be reading up on things and you are just overloaded with so much information that you don’t know what to believe, so you end up not trying anything. My point is don’t be afraid to try, even if you fail. Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 I agree that people should try SEO and niche sites, just don’t try PBNs…not worth the risk…ESPECIALLY for people just starting. Gael September 25, 2014 If I followed this reasoning I’d probably have tried to put my fingers in the wall plug when I was a kid just to make sure what my parents said was right. Nobody said PBN’s don’t work and I think the consensus is they do… until Google catches them. So yes you may still be ranking with them and thousands of people still are. They don’t lie and you can rank with PBN’s today. The idea here is more for Spencer to share his experience with people that have less experience than him so they can try and avoid doing the same mistakes he did (you know, like your parents telling you not to put your fingers in the plug). Now if someone is really curious about PBN’s and is willing to accept the risks that come with them, why not. It’s a business decision, there’s no good or bad. But when the day come they should accept the consequences, start again like you would or stop it and not break the rules like Spencer’s going to do.

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David, Thanks for the comment. Yeah, as I mentioned, the numbers can change depending on your quality vs quantity approach for expired domains. The main point is that your site needs at least equal authority to those that are ranking (in most cases). That can be achieved through quantity or high-metric domains. But I agree, the ROI needs to be a big consideration for anyone who isn’t experienced in building PBNs.


Spencer Haws September 22, 2014 Definitely don’t go the 100 site route, that hasn’t worked for a really long time. One site is a MUCH better approach. Chris September 22, 2014 Thank you, man. You’re 5-second response probably just saved me 1,000 hours of wasted effort.

Spencer Haws October 29, 2014 Jason, if you have filed a ticket with the Rank Hero team, then it will get resolved. I apologize for any delays, but the people involved in issuing the refunds are indeed going through the process. I would recommend just following up with your ticket if you haven’t heard back in a day or so.

You’ll ideally be looking for domains with a DA of 15 or higher. Once you find a good strong domain, you need to check out the back-link profile. Checking the existing back-links can be done easily at Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer.

August 5, 2015 at 2:29 pm Lots of websites have full posts on the homepage, not just PBNs. You can do it without, but you’ll lose a lot of power this way. The reason we do this is that most of the power is on the homepage, so that’s where you want the links to your money site. If you don’t show the full posts, the links will be on the posts instead, which is 1 link away from the homepage. Not to mention that these posts will have zero external links pointing to them. I don’t know the names of any themes like this, my VA’s handle all that stuff, I just showed them what to look for. There are plenty of themes that support this though. Reply

One of the most impactful developments to the Google SERP has been the introduction of the featured snippet. What is the featured snippet? You’ve seen them plenty of times before – most likely whenever you’ve asked a “how to” question to Google. Featured snippets, also known as the quick answer or knowledge graph, is essentially an area at the top of page 1 where the searcher’s query is answered right then and there. By the time you finish this article you’ll not only know all about these coveted SERP positions, but you’ll know how to steal them from your competitors as well. read more…

Hey, Doug, Years ago, I, too, used to be a PMI member, but I always used other PMI consultants on projects with clients as I was more of a rainmaker than a project doer–if that makes any sense. Wow, I must have typed my e-mail in your site five times–at every opportunity. I’ll sort out the duplicates later. I was just trying to find a way to contact you personally. Anyway, here’s the nub of my question (speaking as a non-techie): At this stage in my life I have an online area business publication covering a four state footprint along I-81. I wanted to take a ‘rolling launch’ up to two years to get it functioning (depending on my tech help along the way–maybe the wrong help). I’m really interested in developing my concept of Local Lead Circles (incestuous lead-gen for local non-competitive, same-market businesses) through a multiple PBN service to local businesses. Now I ‘think’ that a PBN would be a perfect platform for manifesting my Local Lead Circles concept locally. And I saw your friend Jon’s offer of the hands-off five site gig and I think I could sell that duck with a little hand-holding from you and Jon. I would like to flesh out my Local Lead Circles concept with you and see what we could do to earn some money with Jon’s 5-site offer and your input. Your thoughts? (Write to my e-mail address if you prefer.)

September 29, 2016 at 6:40 pm Honestly, I’d ditch Weebly and set it up with WordPress. Weebly is just horrible, so while it is some extra work, it’s worth it. Then just install something like Yoast SEO plugin, will help you modify title/meta description tags. Reply

Thanks for all the info, very informative. Just wondering about the Privacy policy page. How do you avoid having very similar Privacy content on all the PBNs? I see there are a handful of plugins and a few websites that create a free policy, but I am worried of leaving a footprint through this one page.

Mak December 13, 2016 at 8:53 am Sorry for my words, but you are fucking awesome. No one has ever shared such complete guide. I have a doubt regarding plugin. If I’m using Ghost plugin to hide my network, won’t that be a footprint as every pbn has the same plugin installed? Reply

Good read, useful comments as well. I think I’ve finally made up my mind that I will invest in an own PBN (so I can also show the client some ‘builded links’ quite soon) but not rely on it too much. May I remark there’s a duplicate sentence in the article? Here it is (I copied it from the article): So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine… I think of link building the same way I would my retirement account. (thanks to I think of link building the same way I would my retirement account (thanks to Gen Wise Wealth). Greetings and thanks for the useful article

You know it reminds me of this story called “Who Moved My Cheese?” In the story, the characters are faced with unexpected change. Eventually, one of them deals with it successfully, and writes what he has learned from his experience on the maze walls. Google it, its free on youtube or PDF

Hi Alex, 1. Not 8 OBL, link to max 8 sites. I do 1-2 links per site. Then also link out to a few authority / niche relevant sites. 2. You can, but the most power is almost always on the homepage. So you would rather the links there. 3. You can, but it’s a lot more work. For #2 and #3 the problem would be the linking footprints. The more of your sites you link to, the more crossover there is. So you have 150 sites, and they’re all linked to from the exact same 30 PBN sites as an example, very clear footprint. Basically, don’t try to cheap out. This works great, is safe, and is cheap as is. The margins are so great in this stuff, you don’t need to waste time trying to save money at the risk of more footprints.

Kashif September 24, 2014 Very informative discussion here. I agree to the point mentioned in the discussion that SEO should be one part of overall marketing strategy because relying solely on Google for traffic is not a good idea. You know never what a new algo change will drop on you. Better spread your inbound marketing and target social media and other channels as aggressively as possible. Food for thought: If Google de-index my website but I still have a 50K subscriber list, I can continue to survive and expand.

Quinton Hamp September 23, 2014 Duuuude. Bummer. I agree with your assessment of only sharing tactics that work AND are low-risk. For those of us who insist on making our living online, we can’t afford to have it wiped out everytime we turn around. That is what I appreciate about Jim Cockrum. He’s re-invented his business so many times…. and in the process has created a Frankenstein that can handle about anything you throw at it. Stay after it, buddy. Thanks for the transparency.

Ideally, we would want to see a number (more than 10) of natural links from related websites.  For example, if the domain was about home improvements, we hope to see many links from home improvement blogs with varying anchor text.  It is ideal to see high authority and quality websites linking to the expired domains.  Jon Haver, from Authority Website Income, published an excellent guide on analyzing backlinks for an expired domain.

Krista September 22, 2014 Couldn’t agree more with this! I stopped building sites that rely on Google for traffic months ago. It does take more work up front, you have to learn to be a pro-active marketer but that way you can build a much more valuable asset that can’t be taken down overnight.

ibrahim January 10, 2017 at 7:56 pm Hello Daryl, thank you for the awesome guide. As one question, how long should i wait for a new blog post or setting up a new domain? Can i buy 10 domain and set all these domains in a day with 2-3 posts? i know i can not do this, but i want to know “what should be the safe time schedule when creating PBN’s”? greetings. Reply

Harald October 1, 2014 Hi Spencer, most of the time i agree with you but this time i think you are maybe a little bit too afraid. I think small, focused and silo’d pbns are the future. future in seo terms means of course not a endless time. The day will come when even these PBN’s get deindexed… Spencer Haws October 1, 2014 Not afraid…just finally thinking bigger. Bigger sites…real business entities.

Hello, I’m marketing for a local plumber who owns approximately 130+ domains. All related to the plumbing field. In the early days he found that if he bought domains with commonly used search terms he could re-direct traffic. It doesn’t seem to be working that great anymore, we wish to monetize these. We will soon be selling plumbing products like water conditioners etc. any pointers as to what direction we could take with that many domain specific to an industry?



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