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The reason this works is that the content is that the content is no longer being used, therefore not indexed by search engines. This can even pass manual reviews, as tested before, check the re-indexing guide for more details.


Content-driven SEO strategies will stand the test of time. Not only are content-driven strategies the safest, but they are actually the most scalable link acquisition model. If you had $28k to spend, you should invest 80% of it into creating link worthy content assets. In short, that means creating valuable content that’s better than industry standards.

PBN: come non lasciare traccia delle proprie azioni e vivere ...

For links you use for diversification i.e. web 2.0s and social profiles, you will need to use generic and industry relevant anchor texts exclusively because there is no brand name to use, and the URL contains the keyword. These anchor texts could be:

Link building is SEO. SEO is marketing. Marketing is for making money. So Link Building should be understood in the economic context of making money or at least not spending too much. If you find a way to make link building for free or even make money, it’s a win-win situation, is it not?

Once you’re ranked at the top of Google search for your intended keyword(s), you’re a target.  Competition will want their spot back and new competition will want to oust you.  This means ongoing investment to secure your top spot.  Again, this creates uncertainty  in ROI.

How To Profit From Selling SEO Services Using A PBN | Udemy

So, if you are looking to use SEO as a way to make quick money, you are going to be sorely disappointed.  Getting natural traffic from Google is now probably one of the slowest possible ways to build a business.  The potential is still huge for SEO, but you need a much longer timeline to make it happen.

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“Just got my first site from Nemanja (notice how I said first but only ordered one – yep, I’ll be ordering more!) and it has blown me away. It looks better than any site I have ever created. Nemanja has kept me updated from start to finish. I ordered it on the weekend and it has been done already. I’ve ordered link packages from people that take weeks to be done, yet he can create full sites that looks this good in a matter of days?! Awesome! Article supplied and everything else on the site is of the highest quality. Genuinely blown away.

Eric Gati September 25, 2014 I find this pretty funny, given that the word “private” is in the title of this post. Part of me hopes these are trolls, because otherwise…it’s just kind of sad. Reading comprehension skills are highly underrated! Anyway, sorry to hear about this Spencer, but you’re obviously well positioned to take hits like this and bounce back without much of a problem. Cheers, Eric

I for myself started this whole IM thing as a side gig, some nice extra money and fun. But at the moment I decide to live of my online income, I do not want the stress of getting crushed by Google.

There’s no solution other than building a site without google simple as l. Pinterest is brilliant, all you need is to create cool pin worthy images. You can use youtube, social media and then an email list. Building a relationship with someone over a long period is not something google can take away.

Hi Andy, Thanks for the comment. As long as they aren’t linking to the same sites, it doesn’t matter. Keep in mind: there is never a 100% “safe” strategy when using PBNs. No matter what lengths you go through to hide them

Using the example above, if you had 25 sites per cluster. If the weight loss site received a full backlink manual review, the worst case scenario is you lose the health cluster – not the others. Same if the health cluster sites were manually reviewed, you could only lose sites part of that cluster.

Dave September 23, 2014 This may be a little off topic, but can you explain what you mean by “non-affiliate content”? Is that content with 0 affiliate links? Perrin September 23, 2014 Essentially, yea. You can see some on the front page of APS right now. Dave September 24, 2014 Interesting, do you really think or have any evidence that 1or 2 affiliate links will hurt SEO?

Mani Khan November 6, 2016 at 12:56 pm Hi Daryl, I am having confusion at one point. After selection of high DA, PA, CA expired domain having 1K+ links, am I supposed to write new content or restore the earlier version of the site from with same link structure to catch and maintain link juice? Or shall I produce fresh content and redirect all broken links to my home page? Please shed some light. Reply

How do you have so many Ips? Will my blogs get a unique IP? We use a CDN so your site will be dynamically assigned an IP from a pool of over 400,000 IP addresses across multiple Class A, B + C subnets, depending on network load and the requesting browser’s location. As your IP address is no longer static your site could be served from any one of these IPs at any time. Combined with the fact you are sharing a network with over 3 million high-quality websites, it becomes practically impossible to show that sites share a common ownership from hosting IP alone. What about IP reputation? Using a CDN also means you are using Ips with a much better reputation than when using competing services. Although some services rent space with higher quality hosts such as Rackspace, the individual IP addresses used still fill up with PBN sites. No matter how much care you take to make your domains look legit, the neighbourhood will go downhill as other less cautious SEOs pollute the IP’s reputation. On our service you are more likely to share IPs with government websites, not for profit organisations, sillicon valley startups and international super brands. What about nameservers, can they cause a footprint? For ease of use we provide nameservers from a service that currently hosts over half a million domains. The nameservers are randomly selected and come in an almost infinite number of combinations (eg and ). We think this offers a good balance of convenience and security. The most popular nameservers on the planet belong to huge registrars such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions and eNom. If you’re still concerned that nameservers might constitute a footprint then we offer a CNAME solution to allow you to use your registrar’s own nameservers and hide amongst millions of other domains. Check your registrar’s docs to see how to set it up. Why don’t you offer WordPress as an option? WordPress is great for running websites, but needs constant attention and upgrades to avoid hacks, exploits and comment spam sinking your PBN sites. By offering an alternative, HTML based platform we can serve your content faster and offer greater security. Google loves fast sites, and we’ll feed them your links as fast as they can swallow them. Using HTML sites offers other advantages WordPress cannot. For instance, we make it simple to add a blog to an existing HTML website – and even to mimic its theme – so you can add your fresh content and links to archive sites while maintaining the old look and feel. HTML sites also offer a great degree of diversity to your link profile. WP may be the most popular CMS on the web, but 50% of websites use no identifiable platform at all. I already have lots of WordPress PBNs hosted elsewhere. Can I import them? Absolutely! We have a simple to use importer that will pull in all your posts, pages and images, and configure your domain automatically. There’s no charge to import your blogs. Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my account? As well as a no-quibbles 30 day money back guarantee, we also offer pro-rata refunds on any upgrades or downgrades. This means if you want to start with 40 blogs then grow you won’t lose out by upgrading. Likewise, if you want to test out our service before moving to a bigger account you can try a small package risk free with our money back guarantee, and not pay a penny extra when you decide to upgrade.

This! See, I met Hayden and Perrin and they were praising PBNs and while the argument made sense – I was still not jumping on that boat. It’s not too boast, but the 1st lesson I learned in my SEO journey is not to game Google and just develop a good business.

Again with these distributed hosting accounts, or when you manually sign up to 25 different hosting companies, you’ll get 25 different nameservers to use. This helps keep your PBN hidden.

Stuart Walker September 23, 2014 The point you are repeatedly missing is that Google is NOT the internet and there are ways to get traffic other than from search engines. So if you build up a diverse range of traffic sources not reliant on SEO / Google then you don’t worry so much what Google is doing. They can slap you or whatever and your site still survives due to the other traffic it gets. Gael September 25, 2014 Everyone should read Stuart & Tung message it makes total sense (and these guys are doing this all day). One thing I’d like to add to that is it’s more about using traffic to build a community around your site than it is about converting to a sale/commission right away necessarily. Think email list and social following. Once you build these up you can reach a marketable audience at any time pressing a single button. All you need to do then is figure out what their problems are and help them solve it by offering relevant products/offers/information. Then push the information in front of them just pushing that one magic button. You can always SEO optimise the posts etc to get more traffic / sales and a bigger community on top. But the real effort is to build the community. And to do that you can totally use SEO but there’s other ways too as Stuart says. As for Ray’s message yes it’s true, when you do well, there’s always an idiot that will try to negative SEO you. That happened to me recently. You just need to do a good job at staying on top of your new links and disavow the spam off the bat and you’ll probably never have any trouble. It sucks but it’s a reality I’ve been facing recently. As for the “all links are links and it’s all the same” I’d say not really. The issue is people have links as an end goal in mind when you can get so much more than a link when building real relationships. I’ve gotten links from both Stuart and Tung in the last month (and they will certainly get links from me in the future) but I’ve gotten so much more than that. We speak regularly with Tung about our projects and have been exchanging a bunch of great tips via email with Stuart. I plan on introducing them to people that I think will help their business and I’m sure they’ll do the same for me someday. That’s the point of the “building relationships, not links” mantra. Yes, you get links out of it but they’re merely a byproduct of the relationship and value add, not the end goal. Now that’s the big picture, I understand it’s hard to resonate with that in your daily grind but if you get it, just focus on adding value to the people that can help you move the needle with your project and links won’t be as much an issue. How do you add value ? Ask them how you can help them, try to help them with their projects, promote them, not yourself initially. If you look at business gurus like Eben Pagan, they’ve made hundreds of millions of doing that and they didn’t give a shit about links. (yet I’m sure they have more editorial links pointing to their sites than any of us). Gael AKA Mr Smug Pants Spencer Haws September 25, 2014 Great comments, thanks Gael.



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