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“The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community. Creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.”

I have multiple accounts with a single registrar, but only because of the sheer volume of domains I have, it helps me organise some things better. Google can’t see that all your domains are all in the same account with that registrar. Only the registrar can see that.

PBN SEO techniques that works well to boost your money sites ranks ...

Darryl September 23, 2014 Glad to read the second part of the post about the warnings of using PBN’s. I gave up trying to game Google after Panda. Wasn’t easy because I “came of age” while link building SEO was at its height. But Panda and hearing the story of the guy who built the addiction website and sold it for like $250,000 (or something huge like that) convinced me it is just best to focus on posting both quantity and quality is best moving forward. Link building in the past eventually just wasted time and money that I could have focused on my sites. Financial Samurai September 23, 2014 I wonder if the strategy now is to SELL / OFFLOAD as many websites as possible in the portfolio that have a risk. Site prices go down as a result due to supply, but the sites that have NEVER been hit in a long period of time e.g. 5 years or more might rocket in price? Chris September 23, 2014 Yep, that’s Patrick Meninga, and he’s been saying to put all your time, sweat, tears, and resources into ONE BIG AUTHORITY SITE all along. He’s become a mentor and friend to me, and sometimes I think I should’ve just stuck with his advice from day one. His current blog is Patrick is a good guy and his story is quite inspiring… Financial Samurai September 24, 2014 Cool. Will check out. I’ve followed the authority site model with Financial Samurai. So far, things are fine and it hasn’t been hit by anything yet. I also don’t do any link building. But, I’m waiting for that one day when the hammer drops. So, I’ve decided to start a podcast too. Sam Ray September 24, 2014 Hi, which “addiction website” are you talking about, Darryl? I’d love to look at it.


As before, use a different anchor text every time. Save the exact “weight loss” anchor text until last, this will give you a final push in your ranking, but it also provides you security from over-optimisation when you have a small number of links.

William M. September 23, 2014 I don’t know how to put this, but I always knew that it was just a matter of time. It sucks, but then again, now we are on a level playing ground once again. Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 I also knew it was a matter of time. As you can see in my blog post above, I had a quote from a previous blog post that was pretty accurate about how PBNs would eventually disappear.

Btw, I always publish the fresh content on blogs, no spin or duplicate content piece. And then, I promote the blog posts by other means, you know already. And nothing has ever happened to my link-profile, no links or sites ever spammed or penalized by Google.

Bhushan September 23, 2014 Hi Richyb, >> After all you mention people shouldn’t be using PBN’s only after you got hit.. I think you didn’t read this article properly. As Spencer already said It was not rank hero update. There is huge noise in SEO industry about this update. You should check forums first. >>It’s almost like saying, if i cant do it then no one else can so why bother. He never told anyone that you can’t do something if I can’t. He is one of the most respected and transparent guy for followers like us. I don’t know why you misunderstood this whole article. >>PBN’s do work providing you treat each domain in the network like a money site on it’s own. If thats too much work then expect to get slapped He was not alone in this whole process. One respected private blog network expert was working with him so don’t repeat the basics. By the way I am not depending Spencer but we should not forget the fact that this man teach us lots of things which helped people like me to live on online income. Thanks! ( I am from India therefore sorry if any grammatical mistake is there! )

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have not got round to writing that update yet, it is on my list! Both of these are great options, I use niche matching regularly. Purchasing niche relevant domains is definitely the best option, and saves you re-niching. When I’m purchasing new domains now, they are always niche relevant.

As for Ray’s message yes it’s true, when you do well, there’s always an idiot that will try to negative SEO you. That happened to me recently.

But I’m also starting to get nervous about the long-term effects. Learning content marketing & white-hat SEO, paid search, paid social, email marketing, etc. are necessary for our growth as people and companies. Like any entrepreneurial tactic, we use it while it works, but when the door closes, it’s time to move on.


Mani Khan November 6, 2016 at 12:56 pm Hi Daryl, I am having confusion at one point. After selection of high DA, PA, CA expired domain having 1K+ links, am I supposed to write new content or restore the earlier version of the site from with same link structure to catch and maintain link juice? Or shall I produce fresh content and redirect all broken links to my home page? Please shed some light. Reply

Once you find a good writer that you like, and one that delivers on time, I tend to keep using them – as it is easier than dealing with multiple vendors. I re-iterate though, keep your orders fairly small in order to minimize the chance of getting burnt.

Over the past 20 years, Google has revolutionized how we source information, how we buy products, and how advertisers sell those products to us. And yet, one fact remains stubbornly true: the shop-front for brands on Google is still the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Now if someone is really curious about PBN’s and is willing to accept the risks that come with them, why not. It’s a business decision, there’s no good or bad.

Unique By Design It’s not just the hosting that minimises footprints. Our tools save you hours of tweaking your blogs to make them look unique. Authors, themes, permalink structures and more, generated at random for you. Just give us your domain names, site titles and content and we’ll do the rest. Our bulk import tools make adding 100 domains at a time as easy as cut, paste and click. We block link crawlers as standard so nobody will see your backlinks – unless you want them to, of course. Sign Up Today

Dave September 23, 2014 This may be a little off topic, but can you explain what you mean by “non-affiliate content”? Is that content with 0 affiliate links? Perrin September 23, 2014 Essentially, yea. You can see some on the front page of APS right now. Dave September 24, 2014 Interesting, do you really think or have any evidence that 1or 2 affiliate links will hurt SEO?


Thanks Dan. Yeah I rarely ever link to that many money sites these days. But in terms of outbound links, you can get up to like 8 without diminishing linkjuice. If you want to link to that many though, you need a very big cluster so it’s not like 10 sites linking to the same 8 sites, since that’s a huge footprint.

You then have to develop the site by creating all the necessary pages, finding themes, writing/outsourcing content, installing plugins, and making the site’s look normal. If you want to be extra safe, you may also want to create social accounts for each site.

Chris December 8, 2015 at 3:22 pm Thanks for all the info, very informative. Just wondering about the Privacy policy page. How do you avoid having very similar Privacy content on all the PBNs? I see there are a handful of plugins and a few websites that create a free policy, but I am worried of leaving a footprint through this one page. Reply

Weight loss is a huge niche, so don’t even go there, lol. The only way to determine how many PBN links you will need is to start building some links, then judge accordingly. You can judge by how much movement you get from each links. Some times 3 links will get your first page, other times you’ll need 30+.

I think you’re perfectly fine setting it up, I’d make sure they’re under different accounts though. Especially with Google Analytics, since otherwise there is a footprint allowing anyone can find all your sites.

That’s the point of the “building relationships, not links” mantra. Yes, you get links out of it but they’re merely a byproduct of the relationship and value add, not the end goal.

Vickskim September 24, 2014 Hello all, I am really very confused what you people are talking about. After reading your and hayden blog i started making a few PBN sites. And for my wonders none of them are de-indexed but my moneysite which has links from them has moved to 10th spot from 6th. And the most confusing part is that the top 2 Websites on the Serp have all links from PBNs and they are never dropped from SERP for last six months and not even now. Oh my god what is going on. Michael Jonas September 24, 2014 PBN still works like a charm. Wake up. Stick to what you have been doing and dont listen to anyone. You test, you win. Fingers crossed !


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