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I worry whether outreach will just become the next big craze, and then once everyone does it it will lose its power, or Google will find a way to penalise bloggers that are using the same tactic. Perhaps not by a direct penalty but by giving less weight.


Hi Andy, Thanks for the comment. As long as they aren’t linking to the same sites, it doesn’t matter. Keep in mind: there is never a 100% “safe” strategy when using PBNs. No matter what lengths you go through to hide them

Matt September 23, 2014 I’ve got only one question, if you knew all along RH was a house of cards, why did you continue to promote it to your readers? These links were sold as permanent “forever” links, and now they are obviously not. And now your saying it was just a matter of time before google punished the RH network. Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 I said that 9 months ago…I was very clear with everyone about my opinions. (9 month old blog post is linked/quoted above).


I don’t know how to put this, but I always knew that it was just a matter of time. It sucks, but then again, now we are on a level playing ground once again.

PBN: come non lasciare traccia delle proprie azioni e vivere ...

Nikhil, Thanks for the comment! 1. You should build foundational links before jumping into PBNs 2. More posts = safer 3. Yes, you can to increase the authority 4. Don’t build low quality links to your private blog network


These PBN sites do not have any link to each other; rather they work as individual identities. However, many a time, and from many perspectives, this tactic might not seem Google-friendly but still it is nevertheless working for businesses.

Outbound links are the reason that you even started this PBN, so let’s discuss them.  You want to have links from an authoritative expired domain pointing to your money site.  However, you have to use the links judiciously and exercise caution throughout the process.

Google is like Roger Godell – sure it sucks and seems to be dictator-ish, but if you going to play, play by the guidelines and you will be fine. Cut a corner, or hack – eventually, you’ll be found out.

Try to find a few resources so that the actual copy you use varies from site to site. Maybe don’t use some pages for some sites, and other pages for other sites – it’s entirely up to you, but making it different between your sites is key.

The discussion on PBN’s has been going on for years and continues to be fascinating. Google will continue to weed out low quality link networks and PBN’s and gets better at the process every year. The smart SEO needs to understand that PBN’s give a powerful ranking advantage with the ability to use anchor text at will, but also needs to understand that even with the utmost care, all or part of their network can get taken down by Google.

PBN Setup Services as one of the major change in SEO industry November 16, 2016 by James in Business, SEO PBNs, or private blog networks, are a unique SEO strategy that can boost the number of views your website gets, and in turn, make you more money as well. A PBN is built up of several sites that link back to the main site. This is very effective for increasing traffic, because the more links a site has to it, the higher Google will rank them. With an effective PBN, you can see a major difference in the financial performance of your website, giving you a great return on investment.   PBNs are quite difficult to build unless you are talented with computers and have a working knowledge of search engine optimization practices and algorithms. If you have the time and energy to build a PBN, you can save some serious cash and learn a lot about the processes of backlinking and building an optimized domain site. However, if you want a professional quality PBN built, there are a few different options that you can use. Online PBN Company There are many online businesses that specialize in PBN setup services like A quick web search will turn up hundreds of companies who focus on building effective PBNs very quickly. The advantage of using an online PBN company is that you can choose someone anywhere in the world – the work is all done online. By working directly with a company who specializes in PBN setup, you also know that you will get very high quality work done. PBN companies will be able to create a network that has no visible footprint and uses strong domains. SEO Agencies Many bigger SEO agencies also offer PBN services, such as PBN setup service. You can opt for an SEO agency in your area, whom you will be able to meet with in person, or you can choose someone in another location and communicate entirely online. With an SEO agency, you will usually get a bigger, more established company than a PBN specialist. This may be preferable if your main goal is to find convenient payment options and highly efficient communication. However, bigger SEO agencies may not have as fast of a turnaround time as a PBN specialty company or a freelancer.   Freelancers To get high quality PBN setup services without a huge price tag, you can opt to hire a freelancer. You can look for someone in your area who specializes in these services using word-of-mouth, or you can use an online freelancing platform. There are many of these to choose from – you can find PBN freelancers on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, Truelancer, and many more. The best thing about working with a freelancer is that you have more room to negotiate your budget. If you want a quality PBN created for an inexpensive price, this is likely your best bet. It may take time for you to find the perfect specialist for your PBN setup project. However, once you get started, you will be amazed by what a great PBN network can do for your website. You will start to see a huge increase in traffic and views. This makes investing in a PBN a great choice. Follow Us Practical Things You Can Do to Reduce Climate Change The Wix SEO Hero Contest Is IT A Fair Game?

I’ll stay with my White Hat SEO long-term thinking. Part of this is engaging Social media, writing great content, enhancing my sites with images and video and avoiding the stuff Google searches for. After all, Google is the only game in town and when the big bear roars, watch out. This may or may not change in the future. For now, Google is what we got and Google makes the rules.

John September 24, 2014 Chris, I feel for you. I suspect at some point Google will arrive at a place that scoops out the folks who are involved with negative SEO spamming. Perhaps wishful thinking but we are getting close to a place where I think anyone who wants to publish on a google is going to have to go through an extensive registration process.

When you say expired, do you mean fully expired? Available to register anywhere? If that’s the case, then the domain age is irrelevant since it’s dropped. But the biggest issue is the lack of referring domains in the metrics you shared , I’d personally aim for more, unless they’re all individually great links. And no, sticking them on the same HostGator server is not good practice. Re-read the hosting section.

If you are just starting out, now is the perfect time to learn about network clusters. Once your network is big enough to rank the money site(s) you are currently working on, you can separate that as one cluster and start building the next.

Relentless September 23, 2014 I think the lesson here is to not rely SOLELY on PBN’s to rank sites. But you are reacting exactly how google wants you to react, and frankly it’s quite disturbing. Ask yourself this, if your site wasn’t personally hit in this last round of attacks would you be so anti PBN right now? The answer is no. Is it still possible to rank a site using PBN’s as a supplemental linking strategy, but without relying solely on them? Of course it is. So all of this buzzing about telling everyone that PBN’s are dead and to not use any of them is really unjustified (on a larger scale then your own personal network), and it’s really sad to see that you are spreading google’s propaganda for them. Just because you got knocked down doesn’t mean you have to stay down. Get back up and build another PBN, build another site, find another way. But don’t go around telling others not to try something just because you failed at it once. People should be willing to try things out for themselves to see what works, and stuff like this prevents people from ever striking out on their own and taking a chance that could lead to a good income. You knew the risks going in, you accepted the rules when you began playing the game. What right do you have to tell others not to play that same game just because it’s now game over for you? the answer is none. I say build twice as many PBN’s, but mix them in with legitimate white hat strategies. Stop being lazy and ranking sites with thin content. Switch it up, mix it up, try something different. But for pete’s sake man never give in! Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 I never relied solely on PBNs..I did mix in white hat strategies. I have no right to share my opinion…on my own blog? Wow, that’s intense. Actually I am NOT giving up…what article are you reading? I am clearly still doing SEO, but just focusing on natural, white hat links. I have several sites that do very well using only white hat links; PBNs are a risk I don’t need. Tung Tran September 23, 2014 Haha I got a few comments on my blog telling we bloggers shouldn’t do posts like this because we suck at building PBNs too. But that’s fine. Different people. different opinions. Relentless September 23, 2014 Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, of course you have the right to share your own opinion on your own blog. I’m just saying… This occurrence should not deter any newcomers that may be reading this from trying out these strategies to see what works for them. I know how it is to be reading up on things and you are just overloaded with so much information that you don’t know what to believe, so you end up not trying anything. My point is don’t be afraid to try, even if you fail. Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 I agree that people should try SEO and niche sites, just don’t try PBNs…not worth the risk…ESPECIALLY for people just starting. Gael September 25, 2014 If I followed this reasoning I’d probably have tried to put my fingers in the wall plug when I was a kid just to make sure what my parents said was right. Nobody said PBN’s don’t work and I think the consensus is they do… until Google catches them. So yes you may still be ranking with them and thousands of people still are. They don’t lie and you can rank with PBN’s today. The idea here is more for Spencer to share his experience with people that have less experience than him so they can try and avoid doing the same mistakes he did (you know, like your parents telling you not to put your fingers in the plug). Now if someone is really curious about PBN’s and is willing to accept the risks that come with them, why not. It’s a business decision, there’s no good or bad. But when the day come they should accept the consequences, start again like you would or stop it and not break the rules like Spencer’s going to do.


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