How to approach a serious SEO in Chats or emails?

SEO clients

  • Have a real point to why you chat or email?
  • Don’t think we are all doing nothing because you are maybe
  • SEO is not something because some dumbass or scammer told you can rank for any keyword in the world such as Car for free mean this true so then offer SEO $10 to rank for this then expect the business person to say yes try and use common sense this is real profession not some game or easy thing to do .
  • You got no success of some other SEO or agency but paid like $50 to rank for serious SEO keyword see a big problem here or reason why this happened? Most SEO sites to rank even on the low end cost at least $500 a month to rank them but much more likely a cost of at least $2000 a month if this sounds a lot of money for you then SEO probably not going to work for you this is in real terms time investment costs compared to other businesses types such as Retail where you need to pay rent or buy a shop unit.
  • You bought a SEO course for say $100 you now learnt that SEO really easy you can buy like $100 worth of pbns then rank for anything in Google this does not apply to many sites in the world so thinking like this will not mean anyone else can do this or you can become Billionaire for like that sort of money. SEO is real business where you need real investment to make money it’s not something free for doing as many people claim it is.
  • Some guy told me SEO super easy that must be true right? No SEO has thousands of different areas which affect it even Bing science behind it can be complex to DuckDuckgo or any of the other ones this is not something you just read 10 articles then become pro at it takes years of practice .
  • If you are not willing to pay for a SEO time then it’s pretty pointless to speak them the only way around this if you can offer to work for them for free some time to cover the training or the other expenses the SEO or SEO agency has.
  • If you can’t pay real money or any money best to not pretend you will no one as time for losers or cheapskates who’s a real SEO and if you annoy the wrong one you will never rank for anything again since they will just setup there own site and take all you customers or approach your competition and work for them instead of you .

My Review of

Brand image of

Do you want to book results through guest posting?

Guest posting if done right can be a powerful way to increase your traffic and rankings, and with that increase your sales. In other words, it can be a very profitable long-term strategy that you don’t want to miss out on.

What most people do wrong though is that they go onto different sites with the intention to buy guest posts but in reality they end up with low quality PBN links. 

This is a big problem when it’s comes to buying links online, it’s very hard to find someone who delivers what they promise and as a result of that clients end up with a tiny ranking boost, or worse, loose rankings instead.

It only takes a few attempts to draw the conclusion that guest posts suck while in reality they bought something else, without realizing it.

Quite a contrast with the guest posts that Dennis provides, see some of the features below:

  • The sites receive real organic traffic from Google and other search engines.
  • The sites have real Authority, often hundreds of domains linking to it.
  • Support if you run into any issues.
  • Dennis built solid relationships with the site owners.
  • Plenty of metrics such as TF, CF, DR, RD, Visitor counts, Index count and whether a site has footprints such as ‘write for us / become a contributor / guest post’ and so forth.
  • You can supply your own article if you want to and receive a discount.
  • A 750 words high-quality article is already included in the price.
  • Most niches are covered.
  • Ever growing database of sites.
  • Probably the most affordable guest post provider.
  • It’s a 100% hands-off service.
  • No recurring costs.

It’s probably best if you check it out for yourself, all you need to do is create an account and you’ll get access to their complete database of sites.

They also sell  link insertions, let me explain below:

What this means is that it’s a link in a post that has already been published. Usually the post has to be one year old to qualify for inserting a link so unless the post is already ranking it won’t drive much traffic.

So why a link insertion instead of a guest post? The benefit is that the post is already indexed in Google and had some time to age, you could compare it to wine that tastes better the older it gets.

Google can see this as more authoritative than a standard guest post and as you can pick the post yourself you can choose one that already has links pointing at it.

It also makes it easier to rank for your desired keyword for the reasons mentioned above, eg older posts tend to rank much easier then brand new posts. If you do proper research you can even land a link on a post that already ranks for hundreds of keywords and funnel that traffic to your site if you’re bit a smart with your anchor text selection.

Others call these links niche edits, the name kind of explains itself, you pick a site in your desired niche, choose a post, and then the site owner will edit it to insert your link and perhaps include an additional paragraph to make it look more natural. 

Site owners don’t do this automatically so if you want to add extra content you have to supply it yourself and make sure it blends in well with the rest of the content or the webmaster will probably reject it so keep this in mind if you plan to buy such link.

Managed SEO is an option as well

This can be a huge advantage if you’re short on time as you don’t have to worry about picking a site or choosing an anchor text. 

Especially if you are new to SEO you might not know which metrics matter so you could end up staring at the sites for a long time without making a decision as you simply don’t know what to choose.

When you let Dennis handle it he will make sure to pick the most powerful sites within your budget as the better the results he can book for you the more likely you are to turn into a return customer so it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

All you have to tell them is how much you want to spend and they take care of the rest, their prices start at $199/month (2 guest posts per month) or you can choose a one-off package for only $120/guest post.

Our results from this service:

Within 1 week our rankings went up for around 50 fairly competitive keywords and we spent only $60 on a single guest post so that’s great. What we also liked about this service is that we didn’t ran into any issues.

In the past we tried other businesses and the results were rather poor and the support team were hard to deal with. As a matter of fact, one of those other providers tried to sell us a PBN link instead of a link Insertion which is why we recommend SerpTrust for your link building needs as they serviced us well from start till finish.

Facebook support group

They also run a Facebook group and part of what makes this one of my favorite groups is that most people in the group have been doing SEO for many years and often have good knowledge to discuss things or help you out if needed. 

They also test programs and software like Hunter, Ninja Outreach, GSA Contact Submitter and many other (often outreach related) tools and services so that you don’t have to, Dennis is a fair guy so if it’s good he will tell you and if it sucks he isn’t shy of saying that either.

You can visit their group here: or if you have no time or need to be in a group you can visit their website and browse their inventory or other services.

How to master Reddit without going crazy?

Says"Reddit Secrets: Your Guide for Making money on Reddit" with red background around the words and Golden polecat as the picture animation with black background behind the red

Reddit is overall a powerful way to make money for the following reasons

  1. A lot of Traffic 
  2. Most Niches covered
  3. You can make okay to a lot of money per day or month a like on this social media site or forum

The man Adam created a way to understand using a powerful logic of him being lazy meaning he does not want to work hard meaning if you get this guide you can be lazy and make big money from this a like.

If you can make just one sale after buying this Ebook then you already make back your money and you are in profit which is very cool or smart if you are on a small budget overall.

How to grow your own subreddit or get one someone else made in theory.

How to create Tier1 links on auto pilot mode.

Facebook and CP metho taught as nice add on bonus to get this course.

Javascript to allow you to make more money on auto format.

A little known Saas which can boost up your online business sales per year or longer as well possibly.

Why it’s pointless dealing with jerks or inconfident people?

I bought a software for like $13 which would in theory allow me to have plugins or WordPress themes sounds great huh?

Problems seen

  • A lot of things don’t work
  • Keep needing a different licence for each app or software each time which was not provided
  • The website would crash or break

If most things don’t work or don’t work like they should be that means you need to in theory fix it yourself or just accept it’s broken but if you need it for some reason can get very annoying fast overall.

If you buy like two softwares of someone then remember two no issue overall but if you buy into a service which provides you like 100 or more softwares then you having to put one in each account or plugin or theme setting can get complex or unpleasant to deal with often.

Having a website crash or break can cost a business or person big money whether it’s for 1 hour or longer a like meaning if you try and sell a service which does that people or businesses are within their rights to stop paying you if you can’t get it fixed fast or ever then expect to lose a lot of customers to other business with people who can do the service or there jobs right overall.

Weather you pay big or small money a like it’s not the business person to chase you to make something work it’s your job to fix it if you can’t then pay someone who can or shutdown your operations until you can do this since most business people are often busy or doing very so don’t have time to run after many inconfident people all around the world .

When you are meant to trying to hire someone or offering a payment say it quick there is no point of fannying around expecting everyone to dance for you when you can’t even do what average 14 year old kid can well often so if you are adult and not able to do this learn how to manage or pay someone who can do it if not people will just know you as a timewaster and refuse to deal with you often which does happen to a fair amount of people I see online in a lot of cases normally

Some SEO issues I noticed

Has man in the left hand of the image ready to speak at event on the right of that with red background says"Learn about some SEO issues" with a black bottom

Pretend Directory links

The overall service was to me pretty good overall but when most if not all the backlinks seem to be nofollow overall it’s not much use as ranking boost overall and I found it a bit weird so many nofollow links. If you were trying to say get more nofollow links I guess be a good idea.

Most of the sites are just subdomain so not real sites overall so not really going to get much of benefit here for ranking uses overall.

Most of the sites have pbn style look to me so I had to inspect a few sites since many of them had similar look made me think pbn instead of an actual money site or directory here.

They do rank for some keywords but for use on client work I don’t think it a good idea.

This came from Fiverr I am not to show you the link but the other services I ordered of this person was great and to be fair the work was good but if you want directory links and get basically subdomain or pbn style directory links it may annoy you but for diversity, link building be okay I think.

Buying dangerous or illegal backlinks then getting confused when it screws you over.

I got into a chat with a guy who tried to explain to me why it was good idea to get backlinks of a site illegal videogame niche which I explained it would destroy your ranking he disagreed with me so I thought about your choice then .

1 month later he contacted me saying”Hi all my rankings gone now what can I do?” me” I already explained to you this would happen to you now you have only one thing possible you have to contact the site and probably pay them to get the link removed since from my learning Google will not allow disallow backlink to work on this site to fix the bad link juice after effects. I am not going to say the site name case people use it again but the site is still offline since it got took down under the copyright law .

Fake money sites to sell guest posts.

A lot of people or business try and pretend a pbn is money site some of them maybe be hard for you to tell if they look good quality enough but some ways you can tell include

  1. Change business for example if it was a Joinery firm before and promoted say pet food then it’s quite likely a pbn
  2. Lack of traffic shows up on Ahrefs or other software
  3. Content provides no value to the readers or site users
  4. Have no clear way it can make money from say promoting a product or service 
  5. copied or spun content
  6. Has a boring blog look to it
  7. Has Ahrefs or Moz or something else blocking the backlink information being shown to you

Make rubbish or terrible pbns

I am going to share with you some basic mistakes I see often

  • Spun or content which is not designed to help anyone
  • Cheap blog style or has clear cheap look to it
  • Call it private but sell to anyone possible
  • Show clear foot prints

Having content like this will often get a pbn found”Dear Johnny we had a good walk today what did you have for tea tonight” this is clearly content make to fill in a space instead of help a reader so that can be shown as pbn style of content overall.

Many low quality spinner software operate by just repeating words to make it look unique for example be like this”The car car car went down down the road” having the same word appeal so close has sign of low quality or being spun meaning it will be found by Google or if people report your sites as Private Blog network more easy as well.

This theme is very fast but if you have a site like this without any design or fancy features it has pbn sort of look to meaning it will be easy for many people to think it is public blog network or other pbn styles here but a good theme eitherway

If you have network it should be kept private meaning you don’t sell to like 1000 people a day only like a small amount of people say max of 20 people so it does not look like you are selling links or losing link juice as well overall.

Many foot prints exist such as

All themes same

same hosting provider

pbn style hosts

Same plugin on all sites

All sites use same SEO plugin such as Yoast or Rankmaths

use plugins known to exist on pbn such as 301 redirection was common one in the past.

SEO Expert is like a virgin claiming to be the sex master

Whenever someone says”I am SEO expert” in 95% cases it means the person knows nothing about SEO or very little in majority of cases part of why most of the smarter SEO’s stopped using the term since it has bad reputation with so many people using it to try and show skills or authority when most of them have no knowledge or tiny for example today someone called himself a SEO expert claiming he has more knowledge than a SEO who’s being doing it for over 20 years and him on just like 2 years .

If you want a business or SEO agency if they claim to be one you will probably get burned by them since it’s common related to low quality SEO or fully clueless ones in most cases

Some Basic SEO mistakes I see all the time

  1. All Citation links should have same information in them
  2. Attach as many links as possible to boost rankings even if they are terrible .
  3. SLow load time

If you make 15 directory links this week with all of them having exact information that means Google will normally index just 1 link meaning in theory the other 14 links will often be disindexed or provide no link juice I have seen it happen myself from my own tests and other people experiments as well so if someone claims do 100 directory links with some information is not a good idea so make sure they are either fully unique or as unique as possible whenever possible unless you are just doing an experiment yourself .

I still see often people bringing up the idea that more backlinks is always better than less so they will attach links in some cases with Google personality attached to them or other issues then believe if someone has say 1000 backlinks attached if you have 2000 than means your site in theory better when in reality it’s down to the quality of the links not just down to the number as many people claim often.

Speed is proper ranking factor this means if your site loads in 5 seconds or more you will often find it harder to rank in a lot of cases unless your site has authority in Google eyes for some other kind of reasons such as steady stream of traffic a month for example if your site loads within 3 seconds and your competitor loads within 5 if both the sites are exact same offpage and onpage except for speed factor then it means your site will generally rank ahead of your competitor since speed is ever improvement factor to pay attention overall.

How to become a marketing consultant?

Advertising, which is one of the most rewarding profession fields, calls for a blend of innovative thinking, robust commercial enterprise acumen, and exceptional communique abilties to build a call. With globalization and the advent of technology, each new and current companies have witnessed increase. But have you ever thought about what makes these industries flourish? Other than the quality of the service or product presented, the increase also depends on how well the enterprise markets itself. Drawing the eye of the customers through creative advertising strategies so that it will sell the goods is what’s answerable for constructing an emblem photograph. However, operating complete-time as a worker might not be a cup of tea for all people. So, operating independently as a marketing representative is what you may purpose for if you want to construct your own business! So, if you are a person who wants to make massive inside the company world then here is a blog with a view to shed light on the steps to emerge as a marketing consultant

Marketing experts recognize what motivates consumers and advocate companies on the nice way to attain those consumers. Marketing consultants have many duties, which might include evaluating the wishes of a enterprise’s clients, planning and implementing social media or other advertising campaigns, and tracking the success of advertising and marketing strategies the usage of analytical gear.[1] Salaries for advertising and marketing experts range from around $30,000 to $one hundred fifty,000 consistent with yr, given that maximum advertising and marketing specialists are paid through challenge.

in case you are thinking about turning into a marketing consultant, you will need to take sure steps to be successful, together with getting a degree, getting work experience, and building a purchaser base. Keep reading to learn extra about the way to come to be a marketing consultant.

What is the job of an advertising consultant?

Depending on the business and the challenge an character takes up, the process of an advertising and marketing representative can vary to a splendid extent. The specialists study and compare the purchaser desires and offer advisory services to the organisation accordingly so that it will reach the targetted audience and sell services and products. Further, they’re additionally tasked with reading, devising, and implementing new advertising strategies in accordance with different factors that affect the demand for the product or service. Apart from having fantastic soft-abilties and technical understanding of marketing, the advertising specialists also take care of Public family members, Social Media marketing, Print or television advertising, copywriting sports, and so on. 

Steps to grow to be a advertising consultant

Now which you are acquainted with the roles and duties a advertising consultant has to handle, let us now undergo the 5 primary steps that you can observe so one can come to be a professional on this subject. 

Step 1: acquire an Undergraduate diploma

The primary and primary step closer to becoming an advertising and marketing consultant is to gain a bachelor’s degree or a certificate in areas together with worldwide marketing, Communications, provider marketing, etc. An undergraduate direction will introduce you to a number of the fundamentals associated with advertising and marketing, branding, marketing, budgeting, copywriting, social media systems, search engine optimization (search engine optimization), images, technical and communication competencies as needed in the area.

Step 2: benefit experience

After graduating with a bachelor’s diploma, it is always beneficial for the students to get work revel in before they head out for pursuing a masters in advertising. As a way to turn out to be a hit advertising representative, it is important to recognize the real-international advertising and marketing processes and techniques, the character of the obligations, and build robust expert networks. This is most effective whilst you have advantageous experience via working at an enterprise or as a freelancer! 

Step 3: select a spot

With an array of areas to specialize in this subject, the scope of marketing is great. It may be tempting to attempt something new however it’s far important to have a stronghold on at least one area in order to develop inside the field. Self introspect, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, perceive your location of hobby, and look for publications that could accentuate your capabilities. Be it advertising and marketing Automation, brand advertising, eCommerce advertising or conversion optimization,  you want to select a gap so that you can provide consultation offerings as per your clientele. 

Step 4: Pursue a submit-commencement course

Although you may start your profession as an advertising representative after graduation, pursuing grasp stage publications will let you gain advanced knowldege and skills that may take your career a step forward. MBA in digital marketing, Masters in advertising management, MA Public members of the family and company Communications, MSc marketing and emblem control, etc are a number of the popular programs the aspiring advertising and marketing consultants can pursue. It’s essential to notice that some of the best universities in India and overseas, which offer grasp publications, often search for applicants who’ve large work experience in a relevant field and are adept with the technical information of marketing. 

Step 5: prepare a Portfolio

What makes you special? Why do business enterprises choose you over other advertising consultants? Of course, before hiring you, the employer or a consumer would love to look at the projects and their results which you undertook and your achievements both on the expert and personal fronts. So, from the preliminary years itself, create a portfolio that consists of samples or mock-ups, enterprise campaigns, flyers, emblems, and so forth, that is relevant to the enterprise/employer you are targetting.

So, if you assume you’ve got potential and professional talents to attain milestones in this area, you should certainly don’t forget to turn into an advertising representative! However,

How to network for backlinks?

Says the words of"Network for backlink" has blue cables background meant to show like computer cables connecting together

Let’s say you have a technology site I am sure on Facebook or other websites you can find people who work in this niche you could possibly make some of them into friends for example let’s say you make 10 people with tech sites you could then ask them something like this”I noticed you run a Tech site like me I was wondering if you would allow me to give you a guest post of my website for free in exchange you give me one back of your site? Why exactly will this often work well? Both people win and also it’s free meaning no money needs to take place for this to happen.

Many websites do what’s known as Expert round up which means the person doing the article needs so many people to do part of the article such as 30 words for each of the 20 people this will mean you will have to share a tip or your experiences in regards to something such as one I got here

More less all niches can be accepted into Expert round up such as Health,SEO,programming,sports,history,Music among any other more less this allows you to get a link of often decent website which can allow you to get your rankings boosted up and also allow you to boost the brand reputation of your website case you don’t know what I mean by that let me explain it means people will see your business in a more high authority viewpoint when it comes to whatever niche or service you are targeting for your business it can also allow you to close more clients by people seeing you as more authority in your niche or simply get more sales or traffic a month.

You will often see on Facebook groups or profiles asking others to appear on their website so if you pay attention here or other social media sites you can get links from this type of process fairly easy all you have to do is reply back saying you can help them with that or simply say yes since the person already has want for people to appear in the site no need for sending a very creative email or comment on Facebook since it’s gong to be probably yes as long as your content or information good enough for the website you want features on you can use this for your own websites or client sites as like.

Answering questions or providing guidance into certain topic can allow you to appear knowledgeable when it comes to at area meaning someone you helped before may contact you asking you to appeal on a expert round so keep paying attention to people you helped before since it may help you later on as well.

Linkedin can be used to build up working relationship such as if you have an SEO site you can build up connections to other SEO who some of them could possibly allow you to get featured on one of their sites when they do expert round up for example if you are very good at Private Blog Networks then you could supply them with 100 word content covering something most people generally don’t know this area of SEO.

Can you rely on Lifetimehosting?

Topics of importance to be discussed here

  1. History
  2. Support
  3. Rely on to run long term or short term
  4. inventing problems
  5. Costs

In the past around 4 years ago it worked like this you could buy LTD hosting for between $10 to $49 so what would you get for this sort of money?

  • Unlimited amount of sites on it often
  • unlimited space
  • ways to host sites on the cheap or even in some cases free as well
  • Support be okay normally
  • Unique IPS for each domain 

Unlimited space was very attractive in the past for some pbn meaning you could pay like $49 then be able to host all your pbns or a few of them on different ips and not be on the bad pbn style hosting providers which exist meaning you could run 10 say on each one or more if you wanted and as long as you don’t make to many foot prints things would often work great.

You could get the usual features on many other more expensive hosting WordPress or Drupal or another kind of website to work on the server so if you had 10 you could have in unrelated Websites styles if you prefered to go with that to follow the idea all WordPress links or all Drupal sites looks like a footprint .

Depending on how many pbns you had you could pay anywhere from $10 to say $10,000 a month or more depending on many factors so being able to pay just like $49 was at the time a incredible saving overall meaning you could focus money on buying softwares or paying stuff or any other expense you may have.

Support would normally exist on submit ticket system meaning no live chats would exist normally but if you could handle waiting around 2 hours not much of an issue in the past.

You could have hosted actual money sites on then I used to do it sometimes when looking for good or better hosting provider it had many benefits in the past or even if you just had money shortage put on the LTD hosting for month or so .

In all my experiences of support the support of them all is really bad for example I tried to buy one today called the guy could not understand why when you buy hosting not being allowed is bad or problem so he wanted me to explain that to him please note this is no joke or lie that really happened. I already told him in the first message I could not log in and I told him in the first email this is not the right way to start a working relationship which never crossed his mind. After 3 emails I got refund started and even told him that but then he told me setup account so they as I knew before never setup the account right so rather than trick like a normal human he lost the service or business he told me to setup the account so I just left of emailing further.

Running any business or pbn on these type of hosting over the overall terrible support all provide makes this idea impossible to put off anymore I have tried around 20 so far the first problem you notice always is the support so when they often make problems which you never did having the support not were a bag of piss does not help at all.

Long term probably get bad for you very fast in most cases.

If you were going to do it just for say 2 months to a max of say 6 months you could possibly find one suitable or if you just want a website for like hobby lifestyle then it could work but if you want a serious business this type of hosting probably blowup in your face quick.

Inventing problems may seem strange so I will give you some examples to show it does happen a lot of from these type of businesses.

  1. No way to install WordPress or some other kind of softwares
  2. No way to log in 
  3. Account passed changes or they delete your email account without telling you 
  4. Someone hacked their server so they blame you for it but provide no proof for who you did it
  5. Can’t have grown up chat without the user immature child coming out face if you ask a direct question to them
  6. Plugins often not work because they think it’s virus or something similar so they refuse to let you use this such as one would not let the most basic plugins of Tablepress or header and footer work sounds bit silly but it does happen here a lot.
  7. Give you a lot of problems then think adding you to Facebook or Linkedin means we now best friends so all the problems I made for you makes us cool right?
  8. If you get one without unlimited space they can fill up quite quick so not much use unless you get one with unlimited or big spaces like say 100GB or more meaning you are forced to move to host unless they have account upgrades often which many of them surprising don’t have 

Review of

A Wee introduction into this software in simple terms is like Ahrefs or Semrush but instead of you having to pay $99 per month you can use their services at $29 which is a very reasonable amount of money to pay since in general for Semrush or Ahrefs majority of people not use for half of the things it does since in normal cases SEO just care about keywords or rankings or traffic or maybe metric or backlinks all other parts of the software does not matter that much overall.

Database of this software in some cases they could have more rankings or backlinks data than Semrush or Ahrefs but it is a younger service than the other two companies. but they do make it bigger every month.

Semrush only provides data for Google and Baidu China but Se Ranking provides data for Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yadex and also Youtube.

The lowest plan allows you add up to 10 websites with a total of 5 different locations and between 250 to 750% keywords per account in total but with Semrush it only allows 5 websites with a extra $70 for there price compared to Re Ranking.

More will be added into this article very soon !

A quick review of

Brand image of Frase

What is the main point of this software?

To allow people to articles at a faster rate by giving content ideas semi automatic for example if you take 1 hour to do a 500 word article while us using this make you do it in around 30 minutes so cut work time period by around since no research work to do yourself anymore less.

Doing research for any piece of content can in some cases take a few months or even a year to complete it depending on how much data you need to gather if you are doing something you know fully then no problem but if you don’t know the content topic area this can delay you by a large amount and maybe even annoy you to a certain amount since it can be become problematic having to stress over issues you need to put down or have to pay people to get the info for you in some cases as well.

How can we work this? Type in a keyword or keyword phase into the software then it will search for pages in reference to what you typed in then pull in the data you can use to do articles at a much faster rate.

You can use Answer assistant if you want by just coping in the code they give you and also put schema on your site by coping in the other code as well in the header part of your website quite easy

Gives you ideas like this from the question box”Cluster Impressions Position Clicks CTR Action

Trent, Stoke, Seo Company

6 Queries 248 (-14) 70 (-8) 0 (-) 0% (-) create

Semrush Seo

4 Queries 20 (-) 14 (+1) 1 (-) 1% (-) optimize Nitropack Para Que Sirve

17 (+1)

9.29 (-)

1 (+1)

5.88% (-)

Start Document

“Semrush” Keyword Or “Keyword Research” Or Kmt Or “Magic Tool” -Career -Jobs

1 (-)

7.00 (-)

0 (-)

0.00% (-)

Start Document

“Semrush” Seo Or “Digital Marketing” Or Ppc -Jobs -Resume -Employment

1 (-1)

4.00 (+3)

0 (-)

0.00% (-)

Start Document


1 Queries 0 (-) 0 (-) 0 (-) 0% (-) track worst hosting provider I have used so far


Support is overall like best way to explain it someone super high on drugs since have no idea what’s going any moment of the time so they love to make up excuses to get out of sorting the problem or problems they often made themselves.

You could ask one or 100 questions the support would be just as pointless so if you have a problem with them you have to fix it yourself or move hosting like I am doing at the moment.

Claim they are fasthosting overall for the money they charge they are lot worse than the $5 hosting providers you can get for example to backup a small site from updraft it took over 10 minutes when everyone else would at most take 2 minutes for the same sort of jobs so if you are backing up you are best to leave it for a fair amount of time.

Overall loads times are often extra slow here in all my sites I tries so far I found my load time got worse overall and my Google Score often got worse than any other hosting providers as you will see here just 48 score for mobile if you had just desktop visitors it maybe okay but if you have a normal website you will get a lot of tablet or phone based traffic so be bad idea for 2020 or later on time periods overall.