• How many backlinks to rank my site? Impossible to say until it happens since this depends on many different factors such as age of the site,Backlink strength,Competition,Pbns,Google updates can affect these results some of the times.
  • I had a problem with another SEO agency or SEO person why you different? A lot of people have from problems SEO from two main areas if you hire to the cheapest person about you will mostly get bad results since SEO is real profession it’s not about buying the cheapest you can find then expect good results or big sales increases a month. A lot of people who hire the cheapest will often get links of hacked sites so may in sometimes get sued for hiring the wrong person. Hiring a SEO person or Agency is like partner one needs to pay the other for the service or work they do if you have tiny budget then your results will generally be small at best if you have more money then the results you get can better some of the time. A giant amount of people who sell sell services can’t rank for anything in a lot of cases these are the people who generally cheap for example with these sort of offers $50 to rank your site for any keywords. If you hear this sort of thing it will generally mean the person knows nothing about SEO if they do any it will generally limited at best it’s common approach if you are wanting to hiring people for these prices get a lot of hacked or illegal SEO ways done to your site or your client sites a like. What makes us different we do SEO in legal ways and we have experience and knowledge to get you the results you need and we are all connected to most of the bigger or better SEO or other companies so if you need any help of other people we can arrange connection meet up or online meetup if the need comes up.
  • My Site got affected by Google update can you tell me what went wrong? Sure we can perform audit then help you find out what went wrong then fix to allow you to rank again but please note if you hire the wrong SEO to do things for you the results can take longer to happen since we may need a week to do full on Link inspection to check for backlinks and if you have on page problem we will need full access to your site such as your admin part of your WordPress site and your Cpanel or whatever server type you are using to allow us to workout what caused your rankings loses and any other Google or Yandex or problems connected to your website help us understand what went wrong .
  • What prices do you take on clients for ? Well if you just want to say buy one guest post start at around $50 if you want fully managed SEO services depending on the niches it starts at $500 a month
  • What languages can you get links in English ,German,Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish ,French,Polish and any other language more less