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How to use Tagging to rank easy?

Please note this is not a guaranteed to work method by any means and also this can get you any amount of first page rankings from simply one keyword phase to any amount of first ranks.

To do this method, you will need to be quite creative with how you tag here are some examples

The best SEO Agency in North of Scotland,
Greatest dog trainer in Florida
The best Heavy Metal band from America.
The coolest way to eat ice cream?
Best way to eat Chilly?
What is the best way to lose weight in 1 week?
How can you do Whitehat SEO in 2017?
What is the healest food to have with salad?
What are all of scrapebox uses?
Can Scrapebox help to do comment backlinks?

Notice in all the tag examples I used a lot of them are things people would not normally type into Google this is the key thing you should learn from what I am teaching you here and if you want to do this you need to be as usual for how you use tags as possible to get good results from this but try and make sure it relates to article or site each time.

The prettiest ferret can be used as easy to rank for keyword since no real competition is targetting this term at the moment so you could do this two forms simply do article about prettiest ferret and get first page Rankings or you could do an image on Pinterest called”The Prettiest Ferret” and take top end of the search engines for this term.

Aim for 20 tags on an article as max unless you have giant article and make sure when you are doing this all the tags you use relate to your article such as say we were doing a blog on running and we put “cycling best way to stay healthy ” that does not relate to are running article so the right way to do tags here would be to include ones like, running fast, run fast, Fastest way to run down a hill,Running can be used as a great way to loss”

You can do this in two forms one by merely typing in tags yourself which means it will take you a bit of time on each of your articles to do the task on hand

Reasons for why many people don’t tag much?
Can take a lot of time if you do manually
Not creative enough
Never thought of it
Don’t know how to do this

Second by using WP Tagmachine will do this work for you a lot faster by you simply typing in 1 keyword this will often bring in at least 5 different other words you can use this can be related to your article or not related as well so I would recommend you check the ones you tick all that make sense to be include in your article.

Could be used in your PBN Networks as a way to look more natural in Google eyes by you having first page rankings tells them you care about the site and it’s traffic.

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Meta-tag stuffing

Was in the past a method popular by spammers from the past where you have Metag with as many possible keywords including it like this”best car, best red car, greatest bus,” You would basically try and put in as many as potential keywords or keyword phrases to improve the rankings of the site.

People would try and rank for as many as possible related and non related terms as possible it did work before well it would mean a site would get a lot more traffic and lead to more sales Google caught on to this practice and stopped it for most people but there is still one form which works now.

If you do an Event blogging please note this is something you do at your own risks I have seen people do big metag tag stuff and keyword stuffing on event pages actual blogs and them ranking on first page of Google the guy I saw doing it took the top space for a lot of different based event blogs by using this keyword stuffing method the reason for why it works here and not standard SEO is Google cares less about what you do in Events because it is normally a once in a year events. The Search engines also have a lot of different things to monitor, but from Event SEO work it is still possible to make money quite fast you can do anything from $10 to a lot more money depending on each event you try and target.

Metag stuffing or keyword stuffing except for Event-based work is a bad idea and could cause your site to loss rankings fast or get a google Penalty as well.

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5 Reasons Why You Need PPC Management Company

In the world of digitalization, two things play the most crucial role to gain the website traffic; One is SEO, and other is PPC which stands for pay per click advertising. If you want to grow your business in a right manner, then you must incorporate both these things in a proper way. The process of search engine optimization can be quite long. If you don’t have a clear understanding of it, then there can be a problem.

1. Understanding the Complex Setting of Adwords:
The reason why  is advised to be hired is that they have a team of experts who hold years of experience and knowledge in this field. To drive in the Adword account can be quite tempting as there are so many settings for using to get the best from the PPC campaign. However, things may not always go right as you plan. The situation can be that you set up an account or add the payment source and create it, but you did not get much of the results as you expected. That is why PPC campaign is required to be done by the experts. Understand that every big and small scale company to grow in the market needs to stay active. And in today’s world of digitalization, if you are online, there are many benefits especially of gaining more customers.

2. Walk with the changes:
As PPC manager will be loaded with many responsibilities, the PPC agency will, however, be entirely devoted to the campaign efforts and time that it requires. In the world of pay per click, nothing remains consistent. With the help of an experienced agency, it will be easy for you to actually know the trends. The professionals working in this company are in constant touch with the industry journals., a collaboration of the PPC team to be made and the conferences to be attended. The expert since holds a good knack would make sure that every change taking place will be first informed to you. This way you can bring the necessary changes.

3. Cost friendly Solution:
If you are planning to hire a PPC manager, you will have to make a steep learning curve. It may take quite a long span of time to understand the concept of Adwords. If you are not really sure what you are actually doing, then things may go wrong, and there would be a lot of money that gets wasted. You will eventually have to bare the loss that would include benefits, salary, and even the expenses of the employees.
With the help of a professional PPC management company handling the PPC activities, it will be easy for you to make the campaign from the beginning and get the best updates on the impression that you make and the overall performance. This is definitely an investment that you can’t deny.

4. Analyzing and Optimizing;
When you opt for PPC campaign in a right manner, you will be able to track everything and understand the reason for sales origination. But you need to also know that this does not happen in just a day since it requires a lot of tricks and study to be made. Ideally, it is possible only if you have a professional company since it does regular analysis and reporting and focus on increasing and improving the ROI number. Optimizing your business at every stage is essential. That is why; make it a point to opt for the accurate analysis that will give your business a better scope for the growth. 

5. No more Micromanagement
Wirth PPC professional service, you can delegate the work associated with paid promotion entirely to this company itself. This will save you from additional work and expense. The licensed agency will make sure right resource is being allocated to the PPC budget mentioned. No more cribbing on extra work load when you can manage the supply with professional help.

Adwords question between me and someone else with me giving that person advice.

interesting 🤔 but we had no big claims or where promising anything.
We offered a free scientifically proven personality test for checking your risk adversity. So that you can make better and smart investment decisions, so that you sleep well while your are invested. I don’t if this is Spammy in googles eyes. But this is the USP of my client.

Do you have any ideas how I can promote his business on google right now? for example I put an advert online claiming this”Hi I guarantee if you pay me $1000 I will make you stinking rich tonight want to hear email me now”. Adwords or Google can quite extreme or I would go as far as saying stupid some of the times where things can sometimes can get banned or blocked for stupid reasons. Putting”scientifically proven” to Google would probably cause the ban since unless you had doctor who did fully approve they would ban it but if you have real doctor who did approve whatever the study or idea was then you can appeal it through Adwords but it make take a month or so to get you a pass from them. If I was I would just do SEO work for the business while the Google Adwords problems once that is sorted focus more on PPC but keep doing SEO in small or large way depending on what your client sales goals are.

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How can we fix Medic Google update of August 2018

Introduction first of all.

The point of this update is to try and improve the user experience of all people who visit a website when they use Google, so we stay on longer, so Google makes more money by trying to improve the sites on top of Google.

In this update many of the blackhat SEO were laughing at the Google update since many of them done very well through the update with them nay of the websites they own taking over the front page of Google which is was not something ever wanted to  happen, but this is part of why this update may be stopped or changed again sometimes when it comes to Google it’s all a waiting game to see what they want next .

People thought this update was about Health for where the Medic term came from it related to all niches, not just this one.

learning how to do articles which are of a high quality can become a complex job but when you get the information from The Blogventures’

Many website owners and SEO agency were left in a really horrible stage since many of the sites before this update were in the top end but after the August update came many places lost a lot of rankings and in some cases were destroyed ranking wise  this made many people do what usually happens and think it was one thing which caused this problem like stay content or backlinks that was not the case here.

Thin content being bad this has being  idea going around for quite a long time based on the idea content is king which  I would agree but I have found after this update that this is actual ranking factor now in more significant way than was in the past meaning if you have 500 word article and your competition has 300 word article it will be more likely for you to rank than them  with more content. The content as well should provide value which is still the same as before.

About us page or FAQ or contact pages

Most of my sites before this had this kind of pages the idea behind them is to make basically make your website look more brand themed  or boost its authority and you may not people read these pages all the time like even today I read someone about us page to find out more about the company before I got new website hosting of them.  Contact pages are relevant on the ground if someone has a problem they can contact you since you may not know this but Google wants all of us to give good quality customer support, so our customers stay happy and keep using the search engines they own

Doing a contact page is nothing to complex just do a simple form with information like names, Phone numbers, emails, box to type in what they want to know to remember this can quickly get you paid money, so it is essential to have. Double check in this section it works perfectly, so no emails go nowhere or don’t work since you lose money from this and also damage your brand by no way to contact you.


This area should contain a range of information such as

What time do you open at ? 8 am 7 days a week

How long do deliveries take? The product should come within three days.

What are you refund policy? As long as the product is unopened, it can be returned back within 30 days of day purchase date.

Do you take on staff? Yes we do take on team mates if you are interested please send us a CV, and we will look over and consider you for the current jobs we need workers for.

Can you offer discounts for bulk buying? Yes, we can but please email us first to arrange prices.

Do you have a phone number? 22525

Author  part of the site proved, in this case, to be vital since it shows you more than just an anonymous person online and this is also used as a way to  get a website onto Google news just upload a photo and wee fact file about you or the author and also make include a website URL if you want here or social links as well.

Why are people leaving a website?

This can happen for all reasons it’s a boring such as low-quality content or poor design terrible images or no videos or images. A simple but effective way to improve stay on site is include a video onto your website which people will keep wanting to watch can be used as an excellent way to enhance stay times.

Best way to learn how to improve a site is check out your competition lets say his photo is funny and makes you laugh to do the same as them or better to improve website which will lead to more sales and more people coming back to your site.

Let’s say your site loads within 5 seconds but your competition loads within 3 seconds why is this a problem relating to this update? Think about it how many people will leave a site if it even takes 1 second extra and never comes back so if you can cut it down by two seconds by doing things like photo compression and disabling plugins you don’t need or getting a faster theme can easily make this happen to you which will give you more rankings and boost user experience which will help you get your ranking back.

An excellent extra tip to include here would be to use a software like since this allows you  to see what happens on your website and give you ways to improve the time people stay on your site which will result in more sales remember simple changes can provide amazing results even pure changing color from red to blue can increase stay time on time which in return boost are rankings and give you a much better stage to turn a site visitor into real customer who pays you money .


Why do Americans companies always design shit softwares? Brandmentions

You may wondering why would I say such a thing let me explain my experience in this area.

I have been programming quite a long time I build my first computer game aged 12 and now I am aged 30 so I have in total 18 years of experience in this area. I am also friends with many different programmers from the following countries








I can take over a program today then make it run better without much work on my part. I have found more less always when it comes to any software companies from America we have the main big problems all the time which seem to never get better. When you say a problem which is caused by there support or the actual software they never understand or reply with any sense in most cases so that means we now have to try and get sense out of them so it could take over 1 month for them to understand anything to fix the actual issue. The support of most of them generally likely asking asleep person approach to anything which they may reply back to you once a week but in to other countries normally reply back within at most 48 hours or a lot will reply back to you in 2 hours for example with Dibz a Siberian company they reply back quite fast often to me within 2 hours or Ahrefs Ukraine company again fast replies normally within 2 hours. A lot of the American companies as well generally spend all the time trying to make up excuses to get out of fixing the issue so it can become very annoying fast.

Say you buy a program in beta or early stages of development from America most of the time will be bad to be expected but I find in a lot of cases when I go back to it 6 months or more less always it’s still just as bad as before no better at all. Part of why I asked them if they are still in Beta with they did not reply back to me.

The program here keeps on crashing over simple jobs. I have tried it on three computers 2 being Windows both same problems and one on Chromebook so I have now tested two software types and also on two different Browser Google and Firebox both same problems. I have also tried clearing the cookies again the same old problems.

I know people, in general, do businesses for all kinds of reasons it can be simply to fill in one day or have fun or to make money but whatever the reasoning behind having a business you are generally expected to make things happen for example when I deal with Clients I can’t tell him or her”hi sorry I can’t do my job today I am sleepy or can’t be bothered ” but comes to American themed businesses for whatever reason so many are like this 24/7. For example, I have an American friend who runs big American SEO Agency he told me this before” I can’t employ Americans because many of them are very lazy part of why I generally get foreign people to work me in America such as I to have Indians or Filipinos or Russians”. I have to spoke quite a lot of Foreign friends who live in America running businesses who told me very similar things such as” I offered job for American young guy to get job at $20 a hour for light work but he was too lazy to do it” $20 a wage for guy without any experience to me is a good wage.

Just got into another chat with the woman not being able to understand how to market a product or software over the idea you workout what your customers want then base the product or service which makes me think as well bad marketing another thing causing this group problems.

Sunderland SEO

Sunderland SEO

web 2.0 link building allowing you to boost the rankings of your videos or website alike quick by doing in natural way which means you include good quality content to your web 2.0 on regular basis such as a once a week if you do this it can send more traffic to your money sites quite easy and also give you the change to make your own mini sites rank for keywords or keyword phases.

Stoke on Trent SEO

Stoke-on-Trent SEO

SEO can be done in big way or small way in this area but one thing we found interesting and smart at the same time is doing links from locally based websites such as say you have Car Law Practice if you get links of Grocery shops or Taxi firms or any other locally based business you can receive decent ranking boosts allowing you to get more clients and sales a month.

Brand image of

My Review of

Do you want to book results through guest posting?

Guest posting if done right can be a powerful way to increase your traffic and rankings, and with that increase your sales. In other words, it can be a very profitable long-term strategy that you don’t want to miss out on.

What most people do wrong though is that they go onto different sites with the intention to buy guest posts but in reality they end up with low quality PBN links. 

This is a big problem when it’s comes to buying links online, it’s very hard to find someone who delivers what they promise and as a result of that clients end up with a tiny ranking boost, or worse, loose rankings instead.

It only takes a few attempts to draw the conclusion that guest posts suck while in reality they bought something else, without realizing it.

Quite a contrast with the guest posts that Dennis provides, see some of the features below:

  • The sites receive real organic traffic from Google and other search engines.
  • The sites have real Authority, often hundreds of domains linking to it.
  • Support if you run into any issues.
  • Dennis built solid relationships with the site owners.
  • Plenty of metrics such as TF, CF, DR, RD, Visitor counts, Index count and whether a site has footprints such as ‘write for us / become a contributor / guest post’ and so forth.
  • You can supply your own article if you want to and receive a discount.
  • A 750 words high-quality article is already included in the price.
  • Most niches are covered.
  • Ever growing database of sites.
  • Probably the most affordable guest post provider.
  • It’s a 100% hands-off service.
  • No recurring costs.

It’s probably best if you check it out for yourself, all you need to do is create an account and you’ll get access to their complete database of sites.

They also sell  link insertions, let me explain below:

What this means is that it’s a link in a post that has already been published. Usually the post has to be one year old to qualify for inserting a link so unless the post is already ranking it won’t drive much traffic.

So why a link insertion instead of a guest post? The benefit is that the post is already indexed in Google and had some time to age, you could compare it to wine that tastes better the older it gets.

Google can see this as more authoritative than a standard guest post and as you can pick the post yourself you can choose one that already has links pointing at it.

It also makes it easier to rank for your desired keyword for the reasons mentioned above, eg older posts tend to rank much easier then brand new posts. If you do proper research you can even land a link on a post that already ranks for hundreds of keywords and funnel that traffic to your site if you’re bit a smart with your anchor text selection.

Others call these links niche edits, the name kind of explains itself, you pick a site in your desired niche, choose a post, and then the site owner will edit it to insert your link and perhaps include an additional paragraph to make it look more natural. 

Site owners don’t do this automatically so if you want to add extra content you have to supply it yourself and make sure it blends in well with the rest of the content or the webmaster will probably reject it so keep this in mind if you plan to buy such link.

Managed SEO is an option as well

This can be a huge advantage if you’re short on time as you don’t have to worry about picking a site or choosing an anchor text. 

Especially if you are new to SEO you might not know which metrics matter so you could end up staring at the sites for a long time without making a decision as you simply don’t know what to choose.

When you let Dennis handle it he will make sure to pick the most powerful sites within your budget as the better the results he can book for you the more likely you are to turn into a return customer so it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

All you have to tell them is how much you want to spend and they take care of the rest, their prices start at $199/month (2 guest posts per month) or you can choose a one-off package for only $120/guest post.

Our results from this service:

Within 1 week our rankings went up for around 50 fairly competitive keywords and we spent only $60 on a single guest post so that’s great. What we also liked about this service is that we didn’t ran into any issues.

In the past we tried other businesses and the results were rather poor and the support team were hard to deal with. As a matter of fact, one of those other providers tried to sell us a PBN link instead of a link Insertion which is why we recommend SerpTrust for your link building needs as they serviced us well from start till finish.

Facebook support group

They also run a Facebook group and part of what makes this one of my favorite groups is that most people in the group have been doing SEO for many years and often have good knowledge to discuss things or help you out if needed. 

They also test programs and software like Hunter, Ninja Outreach, GSA Contact Submitter and many other (often outreach related) tools and services so that you don’t have to, Dennis is a fair guy so if it’s good he will tell you and if it sucks he isn’t shy of saying that either.

You can visit their group here: or if you have no time or need to be in a group you can visit their website and browse their inventory or other services.