You build a site now and you can’t get it out the sandbox? 

Here the story of why this happens to people .

Google want’s the best person site on top of Google always since google knows to make sure people keep on using and using there search engine they need the best site so they need to check your sites often you could be put in this area for long time simply because you need done enough offpage SEO work or onpage SEO work or you picked  a keyword area which you are finding hard to  rank for since many people try when they first start of doing SEO trying to rank up for super hard keyword even I done that when I first started but to get out of this problem area follow these steps


  1. 1.Make sure  your social channels many Facebook giving you traffic and you are getting links on the page often as well
  2. 2.High quality guest posts you may now ask” wait what is that? such as you need good quality ones to give people the signal your good quality sites so get access to a link from that site
  3. 3.Twitter signals you may think”hi social signals don’t improve rankings?” wrong they do quite a great deal if you use them right these show engines how popular  you are like in school the more you get the cooler  you are in general but always get real ones never fake they are worthless the fake ones
  4. 4. next step do article on different keyword with less competition than the last one you tried
  5. 5.Social shares of you may now wonder why so other can see your site popular get the shares all over your pages and posts to show the popularity of your site and get it out of the sandbox

Small add on Tip if you stay in here for long period of time use Facebook it can easy give you 10,000 or more people a month but if you want to use this method you need to do blogs as much as popular and make sure all your blogs contains photos and option to add in videos by doing this you can able handle doing non SEO ways to make money from your sites without problems to start with and Facebook has a incredible amount of traffic ready for you to use whenever you need it.